Cheers Cast 4.26: Strange Bedfellows Part 3

CHEERS Season 4, episode 26: "Strange Bedfellows Part 3"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest John Trumbull from SNL Nerds Podcast.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 4.26: Strange Bedfellows Part 3

  1. I just had a thought. Don’t be scared, it’s not too wacky. The episode with Sam trying to be manager/host. Was that on purpose after all? Foreshadowing that Sam’s desire for the limelight would suck him into Janet’s world? It’s a stretch I know, but it’s possible, or at least a happy accident.

    Sam, Diane, and Janet all had great moments here. Janet laughing/crying about “how’d I get into this mess? I’ve fallen for a guy who’s all wrong for me!” I take that as Janet’s defenses down and being herself in the moment, not the calculated politician, and it’s wonderful. Diane’s line “I’m sorry I thought this was America.” Just fantastic. And since I’m such a high-brow guy, Sam’s voice when his tied is caught in the door. That still cracks me up.

    Wow, another season done. Great job as always, Ryan! See you at the wrap up!

  2. Wow, different guests, different viewpoints, especially on an open question like Janet’s actual intentions with Sam.

    John Trumbull’s attempt to construct a consistent timeline for a TV show is not only useful in itself, but it also shakes out other useful information. I don’t know if The West Wing is part of the Tommy Westphall Universe, but now I know they share that half of he omniverse that has their elections in our off years!

  3. Ryan accidentally summed up a lot of voters’ views on the Democratic Party by suggesting if Elizabeth Warren had appeared on Cheers, she would have “lectured” Carla.

  4. Kate Mulgrew is quite believable as a politician. She exhibits a charming but also manipulative personality that you could see working in politics. Mulgrew got her start in the soap opera Ryan’s Hope in the 70s about an Irish working class family in New York City and she was very charming and likable on there as well.

    Overall this season-ending trilogy is better than I remembered it. Cheers was really firing on all cylinders by the end of season four. The series had gained widespread popularity, the writing was top notch, the actors were settled in their characters, and Woody seemed more comfortable in his role than he did in the early part of the season. We’re now seeing a bit of the edge he would have in the later seasons as he’s growing into more than a younger version of Coach.

    Congrats on finishing season four of the podcast. Looking forward to season five.

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