Cheers Cast 5.13: Chambers vs. Malone

CHEERS Season 5, episode 13: “Chambers vs. Malone”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Al Sedano from Resurrections: An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.13: Chambers vs. Malone

  1. I had the same thoughts about Night Court, but this really was Sitcom Court, where someone who wronged Seinfeld might be sentence to because his butler.

    Notable line: Norm calls Vera “a nice wife”.

  2. Great podcast episode. I never knew this was one of the least liked Cheers episodes but I can see why. The notion that Sam chased Diane for six blocks is pretty crazy, and then the courtroom scene is absurd. No judge in the real world would dismiss a criminal case contingent on whether the defendant proposes marriage to the alleged victim. This is even whackier than some of the crazy plots in the Rebecca years.

    Having said that I did find it sweet and emotionally satisfying at the end when Sam makes clear that he really wants to marry Diane. I think that’s due to the high caliber of the acting by Ted Danson and Shelly Long. They had such great chemistry that part of me still wishes they’d have ended up together somehow, but the logical part of me knows they didn’t belong together because they were too different and they always ended up bringing out the worst in each other. I guess it was the 1987 version of a toxic relationship.

  3. This is nowhere near the bottom of Cheers episodes for me (you can slot most Cliff episodes well below it). For me it sticks out at the very least as an important episode. Any episode that has such a huge impact on the ongoing continuity is going to be a must watch for me. It’s silly, a little dark, and absurd at times but it’s well acted, funny, and heart-felt. Those final moments between Sam & Diane are wonderful.

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