Cheers Cast 6.01: Home is the Sailor

CHEERS Season 6, episode 01: “Home is the Sailor”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests AJ Wright from the Wright On Podcast Network.

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6 responses to “Cheers Cast 6.01: Home is the Sailor

  1. The Screaming Viking/bruised cucumber bit is VERY present in my memory. So we’re getting into the episodes I probably saw the most back in the day.

    Very interested too to see how Rebecca integrates into the cast.

  2. A VERY foundational episode both for the series and for me personally. I was soooo excited for this episode to air back in the day and loved how they pulled it off. A great intro for Kirstie Alley and a great ‘2nd pilot’ for the show. The dynamic and chemistry between Danson and Alley is fantastic right off the top. “Abooah”

    The way they fold back in the regular barflies for the incredible Screaming Viking sequence was amazing. It is probably the happiest I’ve been to see Cliff show up.

    I would’ve loved to see Wayne show up one more time in the final season. Maybe learn he managed to popularize a Screaming Viking cocktail.

    Sam exclaiming “Thank god, you’re still pregnant.” was a nice wink at the ‘the more things change…’ feel they’re going for.

  3. An incredibly formative episode both for the show and for me as a fan at the time. All eyes were on this as the show attempted (and quite successfully) pulled off what is essentially a 2nd pilot episode. I’s a great intro for Kirstie Alley and Rebecca and her chemistry with Ted is top notch.

    The way they fold back in the regular barflys with the INCREDIBLE Screaming Viking caper is always so fun to watch. It might be the happiest I ever am to see Cliff show up.

    For me Sam’s line to Carla “Thank god you’re still pregnant” was a nice wink at the idea of ‘the more things change’ which I think they’re trying to show the audience here. This is still “Cheers”. Both the fictional bar and the TV show.

  4. Great to have Cheers Cast back for this new era of Cheers. I agree this episode is a very effective soft reboot of the series. Just as the original pilot was so successful at setting up the first five years of this series, this episode sets the stage for the next six years. I’m looking forward to rewatching this era along with the podcast.

    It was smart how the episode starts with so many changes beyond merely Diane being gone; most of the cast is absent and the bar is so different, and then by the end of the episode we have the old gang back, which kind of softens the effect of Diane being gone. Good point about the joke about Diane trying to write for TV; the first of many jabs at Diane during the next six years, usually by Frasier, Sam, or Carla. I’m glad Shelley Long didn’t take any of it personally, since she came back for the finale.

    Finally, I think my favorite moment is when Cliff, who did not appear and was not even mentioned for almost the entire episode, finally appears near the end and he gets an extremely enthusiastic audience reaction as if he was the Fonz on Happy Days! I loved that moment.

  5. I’m so glad Cheerscast is back, and ready to start phase 2 of the series. Obviously, I’m one of Shelley’s biggest fans and sorry to see her go, but I also like Kirstie’s Rebecca a lot, and applaud the show creators going in a new direction rather than introduce a Diane clone. Instead we get someone who reminds me more of Alison La Placa’s or Kate Mulgrew’s characters, both of whom were great contrasts for Sam. Smart, savvy, and strong, while not haughty or intellectuals like Diane. While Woody started as a Coach-esque character who gradually evolved into a more distinct character, Rebecca is a completely different woman and hits the ground running. I like little touches like her addressing Sam and Carla formally sometimes as Mr Malone and Ms Tortelli, trying to establish some authority. That power dynamic was never in the show before, and brings a new dimension to the stories we’ll see. I’m really looking forward to the podcast delving into this season.

    Really great to hear you, Ryan, and AJ was excellent as guest host. Like the season 6 opener, already off to a great start!

  6. So glad CheersCast is back!

    They hit the ground running with this episode, it’s a classic. A few random thoughts:

    –I think one of the reasons Carla really continued to haaaaate Diane, all the way up until the last episode, is I bet Carla blames her for Sam selling the bar. That’s not Diane’s fault, of course, but I could picture Carla blaming Diane for every bad thing that happened at Cheers ever since she walked in.

    –I love Carla’s scoffing at the mere idea that Sam was her boss, and his stuttering response, “Well, I was!”

    –Cliff’s entrance from the back is like when Han Solo came out of nowhere to help blow up the Death Star forgot he was gone from the narrative, and then BAM they bring him in at the exact right moment. It’s the closest he will ever get to a “hero” beat for the character.

    I have my issues with the show going forward, but for this first episode, they really nailed it.


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