Cheers Cast 6.07: The Last Angry Mailman

CHEERS Season 6, episode 7: “The Last Angry Mailman”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Rick Heinichen from Jeff and Rick Present: Unpacking the Power of Power Pack.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 6.07: The Last Angry Mailman

  1. Great discussion of an episode that is better than usual for a Cliff-centric outing.

    I was thinking, now that we’ve had two backdoor pilots for the Frasier and Lilith show, I suppose this episode could have been a backdoor pilot for the Cliff and his mom spinoff series (but for the fact that their house was destroyed at the end). Kevin Dunn’s neighbor could have been a supporting character, and Norm would have been a special guest star during sweeps. Okay, it wouldn’t have been as good as Frasier, but it couldn’t have been any worse than The Tortellis, right?

    I now realize this is the only episode in which we see the house Cliff grew up in, though I know we later see his new apartment multiple times. But for some reason I would have sworn that the house was in more than one episode and first appeared in the Diane years. I guess we did see the outside of the house once in the Diane years when we heard a voiceover of Cliff, so maybe that’s what I was thinking about.

    Also, it looks to me like this set is repurposed from Sam and Diane’s house that we saw in the last two episodes of season five. At least the front door area looks like the same set, even though the overall design of the house is different, such as where the kitchen is located, etc.

  2. Always love a visit from Esther Clavin, it’s just too bad it means it’s a Cliff-centric episode. For a Cliff episode it’s not bad but that’s mostly due to Esther, Norm and the B plot.

    Backseat Becky was another nice early Rebecca story and I like that they kept the true story a secret. As you mentioned, it’s nice seeing Carla and Rebecca becoming somewhat friendly.

  3. The Backseat Becky story was another nice example of the show runners doing all they could to get the audience to accept Rebecca. A truly embarrassing situation, followed by her getting the upper hand on Sam, and a sly deal with Carla. Relationships being built between the characters, and the audience rooting for her to win by making her the underdog here. And Kirstie just knocking it out of the park in her performance. So great.

    Speaking as a person who has bought a chainsaw this year, I’m just impressed the show remembered to put Norm into protective gear. But they shouldn’t have even operated it near Cliff without him *also* wearing protection. How did we ever survive to adulthood.

  4. When I think of Cliff being 39 in this episode I’m equally thrilled that at 35 I don’t look as old as Cliff, and terrified that by 39 I might look as old as Cliff haha! Great episode and recap Ryan and Rick! This is such a great season. “Cheers” truly hit what could be dubbed as a “rebuilding year” out of the park!

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