Cheers Cast 6.15: A Tale of Two Cuties

CHEERS Season 6, episode 15: “A Tale of Two Cuties”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Tim Price from the Wright On Podcast Network.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 6.15: A Tale of Two Cuties

  1. One of my favourites back in the day. I had this one saved on VHS. “Oh, you must be the slut!” is a) how I first heard that word and b) just one of my favourite Rebecca panic moments. Same with the guessing game sequence up top. Sweet Woody.

    The Frasier/spoilers plot is also how I learned about most of those movie twists! I would watch that White House Murders miniseries.

    Always love seeing Anthony & Annie’s weird ‘kids playing at adults’ relationship and a nice change of pace that Carla is not involved with it.

    Great teaser, great A and B (and C) plots. All around an A episode.

  2. Great discussion of a fun episode. With all the Star Wars talk I didn’t even think about Woody later being in Solo (which I still haven’t seen) — I was thinking about how Cliff was in Empire Strikes Back though.

  3. The thing Norm was doing with his fingers is a little trick you usually show to kids. It might be in a magic trick book or fun facts or something.

    If you hold your two pinkies out close together in front of your eyes and focus in the distance, it looks like there’s a little floating “hot dog” or finger in between your two fingers.

    Not a drunk test, just something to do when you’re bored.


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