Cheers Cast 6.22: Slumber Party Massacred

CHEERS Season 6, episode 22: "Slumber Party Massacred"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest John Trumbull from SNL Nerds Podcast.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 6.22: Slumber Party Massacred

  1. I agree it’s cool to see Carla and Eddie in their domestic bliss. I think this is the only time we see them at home together. It’s sad the actors didn’t get along because the characters really fit each other well. He was definitely the best guy Carla ever had (setting aside what we later learn about him after he’s gone).

    It is pretty funny that Carla has eight kids and yet only the adult son is at the dinner. Probably most her kids were out committing various crimes. I think all of Carla’s kids appear together in the final season episode when Nick and Loretta come back, but I’m not sure if it’s the same actors playing the older kids.

    Overall it’s a pretty fun episode. Lilith’s friend was kind of boring though. Later in the series they probably would have made her a more comical exaggerated version of Lilith. And yeah, Frasier suddenly threatening her friend with a punch didn’t age well.

    1. I just watched that Season 11 episode I mentioned, and the actors who played Anthony and Annie are definitely not in it, so I guess this was it for them. Too bad, they were both good actors.

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