Cheers Cast 7.02: Swear to God

CHEERS Season 7, episode 2: “Swear to God”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Erick Elias (@thisisdam).

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 7.02: Swear to God

  1. A nice classic Sam plot with a nice use of Carla. Sam’s discovery of the bible is definitely a sign of his being dumbed down but it’s also a great way to resolve his dilemma.

    Always love the brief glimpses we get into Sam’s sex life “Gravity boots”.

  2. Another fun episode with many scenes that made it into the 200th episode special. My favorite line is Frasier’s classic, “Hello in there, Cliff. Tell me, what color is the sky in your world?” It’s funny how Frasier is a psychiatrist yet casually questions Cliff’s sanity. I sometimes am not entirely sure about Frasier’s professional ethics…

    Also, the scene of Sam with the priest is great. As you note the priest comes back for similar scenes in the future. Seinfeld later had a similar scene of awkwardly discussing nonmarital sex with a priest. Elaine and Puddy were meeting with a priest, Elaine said, “no one’s getting married, we’re just, you know, having a good time,” and the priest replied that they are “both going to hell.” Seinfeld fans often say that Friends stole ideas from Seinfeld, but here Seinfeld sort of took a concept from Cheers.

  3. Clearly, this was shot before the first episode aired, judging by Rebecca’s hair style. And that lady Sam hit on shows incredible patience.

    But then I always wonder about the patrons who are in Cheers just the once and sitting alone. Is Cheers a pick-up bar? Doesn’t really fit the bill. So who is she and what was she doing there unaccompanied and willing to spend the night waiting for the bartender to get off shift? Feel free to point me towards the appropriate fanfic.

  4. Considering a big storyline that happens in a couple of seasons for Sam, I wonder if this episode was intentionally setting up that story already, since he was *not* the father. Hmmm.

    Carla being such a devout Catholic, does she think her behavior is exempt from judgement? Bullying people and laughing at misfortune is not very Christian. Or does she spend a lot of time in confession? “Yesterday, I gave Cliff a wedgie. The day before, I pulled hair out of his mustache.” “Is that all?” “Yeah.” “Huh, a light week for you.”

    Father Barry was wonderful. His delivery of “Ah, that is a tough one.” Perfection!

    1. Assuming you’re referring to the season 10 subplot of Sam and Rebecca trying to get pregnant, I believe that idea was “conceived” entirely because Kirstie Alley got pregnant in real life and they needed a reason to write it in the show, but then she had a miscarriage.

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