Cheers Cast 7.05: Those Lips, Those Ice

CHEERS Season 7, episode 5: “Those Lips, Those Ice”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests W. Blaine Dowler from 99 Years, 100 Films.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 7.05: Those Lips, Those Ice

  1. Franzie is a smoker, which had me thinking of the smoking situation in Cheers. For the era, that place is REALLY smoke-free, isn’t it?

    I mostly want to know the origin of Carla’s prom dress.

    The “witty” competition line also resonated with me. You can’t imagine how ferocious and, well, TOXIC it is in the improv community. Well, maybe you can. Cheers is kind of like that. People ride each other pretty hard sometimes.

  2. Carla-centric episodes are usually not my favorite but this one was pretty funny with several good lines by all the characters. I like when Frasier is telling Eddie a psychiatry joke and then laughs at his own joke while Eddie doesn’t get it. Kelsey is great at acting jolly.

    It was fun seeing the group of guys hanging out at Carla and Eddie’s. Eddie has grown on me during this rewatch so I’m sorry his time on the show is almost up. Jay Thomas seemed like a good guy and from what I’ve heard his falling out of favor with Rhea may have been partly based on a misunderstanding.

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