Cheers Cast 7.08: Jumping Jerks

CHEERS Season 7, episode 8: “Jumping Jerks”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Gene Hendricks from the OcaDecaGonAGon Theater Works.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 7.08: Jumping Jerks

  1. Despite the character being called Bob Speakes, he was quite good about keeping the boys’ cowardice confidential (if not Sam’s vomiting). Also… not a man who can advance Rebecca’s career, so I guess it’s true that danger like this made her feverish.

  2. It’s been eating at me, I know there was a skydiving joke earlier in the show, and I finally found it. Season 3 Episode 24, The Belles of St Clete’s, in the cold open, Norm has the day off and the dialog goes:
    Sam: You could sit here all day shooting down my ideas and drinking beer.
    Norm: Wait a minute. I think we’re onto something. Let’s hear some more of those suggestions.
    Sam: Let’s see, how about skydiving?
    Norm: Nah, mess up my hair.

    So we did get unintentional foreshadowing of this story.

    And guess who was your guest for discussing that episode? No, it wasn’t Siskoid! Sheesh!

    It’s nice how this episode feels like one for the guys as a group, it didn’t have a specific focus character, bringing out the ensemble nature of the cast.

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