Cheers Cast 7.11: Adventures in Housesitting

CHEERS Season 7, episode 11: “The Big Kiss-Off”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Brandon Davis from the Front Row Network.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 7.11: Adventures in Housesitting

  1. “Sheridan’s in the kitchen with Satan!”

    “This isn’t the time for folk songs!” is an all-time hall of fame exchange.

    A case of the parts being greater than the sum. An OK plot/overall episode but so many fantastic individual moments and performances.

  2. Fun episode. I like Woody for MVP but Rebecca is a close second. This is one of those times when you almost wonder if Woody is smarter than he pretends and is intentionally messing with Rebecca. Like when he’s going on about that scary movie and starts the blender and then later when he tells Sam let’s go get your kibble.

    I found it strange how Norm and Cliff were absent from the bar scenes in the first act and the tertiary bar guys were in their place to interact with Sam. Very unusual.

  3. This episode introduced me to the name Cochise. I’d never heard it before. Maybe my history classes failed me, but am I alone in this? Was the name falling out of popular culture by then?

    Overall such a funny episode.

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