Cheers Cast 7.16: The Cranemakers

CHEERS Season 7, episode 16: “The Cranemakers”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Chris Karam from Mr. K's Super Show.

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2 responses to “Cheers Cast 7.16: The Cranemakers

  1. I very much doubt any of the Cheers employees have a perfect attendance record given how they race out of the bar for plot and subplot convenience!

    The other thing I doubt is that Cliff saw Bonanza with a French-Canadian dub (not that he could tell the difference, so it’s not an impossible line). An old show like that would have been dubbed in France and never revisited. Even today, France gets to dub most American shows except some comedies where the humor wouldn’t translate. An early Quebecker hit was the Flintstones, using Quebec actors, and today, The Simpsons are dubbed in Quebecker. There are more French-Canadian dubs, but it’s still far from 100%. Bonanza? No way.

  2. My favorite line this week is, “I hear great things about the bus depot.” The Woody B plot is hilarious and I can imagine a spinoff miniseries about Woody’s week at the airport and all his adventures with the people he meets.

    The A story is also great. Frasier and Lilith have reached the peak of comedic absurdity. I love when Lilith calls Carla “sister woman.”

    I always appreciate when went we get a Diane joke. It’s very unusual for a series to consistently reference a character who has left the show, but it really works well when they mention her every so often. In a way it’s almost a tribute to what an indelible impression Shelly Long made that they keep mentioning her character. But it also shows how strong the series was that they can mention her without worrying that viewers will miss her.

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