Cheers Cast Mailbag 3.2

Ryan Daly opens Cliffy's mailbag again to read listener feedback from episodes 3.13 through 3.25. Before that, however, Ryan welcomes John Trumbull from SNL Nerds Podcast back to discuss the very odd Cheers crossover that occurred on ST. ELSEWHERE's third season finale. Then Ryan ranks the twenty-five episodes of season 3, and tallies all of the season's Employees of the Week.

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12 responses to “Cheers Cast Mailbag 3.2

  1. No offense to Ryan or John, but my favorite part of this episode was the stealth Rhys cameo in the background.

    And that St. Elsewhere crossover sounds AWK-WEIRD. I’ll stick to the other Thursday mega-crossover, Magnum P.I. meets Simon & Simon.


  2. Memory is a funny thing. I watched both Cheers and St. Elsewhere in first run and I distinctly remembered they crossed over. There were ads in print and commercials promoting it. Up until this podcast however, I would have sworn it took place on Cheers. Maybe it was due to their using the Cheers 3-wall set. Or maybe it’s because I am getting older and my brain is shrinking. Either could be true.

  3. Somebody once famously proclaimed, “I like beer.” We can probably safely say that Norm does as well by now, and knowing the weekly consumption numbers doesn’t really make that truer. I was kinda assuming it was something YOU enjoyed, Ryan, to count up Normie’s beers each episode, and for all I know you yourself consider it worth it to keep count — in which case please do continue! Otherwise I think it should be fine to retire the ledger.

    I’m excited for what’s to come next on Cheers! Season 4 is probably where I came on board watching it first-run, for what that’s worth. This season of the podcast has been consistently excellent, so I’ll be on the lookout for when you return after the well-earned break!

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