Citizen Kane Minute #19 – The Sound of One Man Clapping

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #19 - The Sound of One Man Clapping

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 1:30:00-1:35:00
  • Special Guest: Cory Drew

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2 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #19 – The Sound of One Man Clapping

  1. Another ‘most important 5 minutes’!

    I always thought that the Principles wasn’t a lifeline to Kane.

    I think that Jed held onto it in hopes his friend would see the light. But being sent that check was the last straw, the last principle erased. There is no reason for Jed to hold it anymore. Hope is lost.

    The lone man clapping scene is chilling and uncomfortable and (of course) mimicked and mocked by many.

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