Citizen Kane Minute #21 – Goodbye, Charlie

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #21 - Goodbye, Charlie

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 1:40:00-1:45:00
  • Special Guest: Writer/Podcaster Jill Blake

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4 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #21 – Goodbye, Charlie

  1. I always thought Susan’s room was a reflection of Kane himself.

    He knows she is sad so he keeps on buying small things hoping they will make her happy. After all, he has a hole in himself he has tried to fill with ‘stuff’ for a long time. It is the only thing he knows to do. Her room is like Xanadu , smaller scale. And much like all his things don’t soothe his soul, none of these things he has bought her help her demons. It also explains his disbelief when she says ‘you never gave me anything’. He has bought a lot of nonsense for her.

    I can’t I,a tune her buying those things for herself. Or wanting them.

    And yes, it is infantilizing. But not because she is a child. It is because He is treating her like a kid he is trying to spoil.

    At least that’s my take.

    It makes me feel sorry for him. He only knows how to give thungs, not of himself.

  2. Let me get this straight. An old white guy with too much money brings in some pterodactyls to entertain his guests at a picnic? So, Citizen Kane was the original Jurassic Park! This movie really did it all first. Now, I can’t help but imagine that scream at the end of the picnic scene is one of the picnickers being carried off by the pterodactyls. I’m sure Kane had all of the guests sign waivers before heading into the Everglades.

    Thanks for another excellent episode.


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