Citizen Kane Minute #4 – Let’s Go Sledding!

CITIZEN KANE MINUTE #4 - Let's Go Sledding!

The greatest film of all time, five minutes at a time.

  • Minutes 15:00-20:00
  • Special Guest: Writer Marya E. Gates

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5 responses to “Citizen Kane Minute #4 – Let’s Go Sledding!

  1. I’ve always loved how this movie works as a pretty good mystery with the big question being: What is “Rosebud’? Like you’ve been pointing out, Rob, the clues are there for everyone to piece together, but there is also a little misdirection in how Rosebud is presented as this significant thing in Kane’s life (which it is) that the audience is led to believe is something far more profound than a sled. The mystery also serves as an enticement to the audience to pay closer attention to the details of the narrative, so the audience becomes that much more invested in the film. Paradoxically, the revelation of what Rosebud is adds to the importance of the sled simply because it makes the audience reflect on everything they have seen up to that point.

  2. Obviously there is unbridled joy in the young Kane with Rosebud. Do I think Kane regrets his life and wishes he stayed with his mother? No. But when in these death throes, when his life is unraveling and he is truly alone, of course he’ll try to remember some happiness. And of course, that joy is what is missing in his life when he says the word.

    I don’t think mine would be so cryptic saying ‘The Great Mazinger’. Not a lot of mystery there. Wondering what your Rosebud word, a word equated with the joy of youth, would be Rob?

    As you say Agnes Moorehead is so powerful in this small role. Pretty genius.

    As always

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