Crossing the Streams 19: Best Tool in Ghostbusters

NEW EPISODE! Ryan Daly and Nathaniel Wayne rank the tools of the Ghostbusters films. No, not the equipment, but those arrogant, spiteful, but entirely human @$$holes who oppose the Ghostbusters. Plus, Ivan Reitman's thoughts on future Ghostbusters movies, and a ton of brand new trailers for upcoming Fire and Water podcasts!

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11 responses to “Crossing the Streams 19: Best Tool in Ghostbusters

  1. I’ve never seen these movies (I prefer the old Filmation live action series and cartoon), but I guess you guys did an ok job.

    Looking forward to Rob’s Podimus Prime show!

  2. I don’t know why I bother writing in since you guys never seem to read your feedback, but what the hey. 😉

    I had never thought of how cartoony the judge was, but I can see your point.

    I do think Ghostbusters 2 was having fun with how fickle the public is, and the mob mentality that can collectively rewrite history over time.

    As for Nathaniel’s bridge story, we have a similar legend around here. There is a covered-bridge right outside of our county where a young woman also either a) hanged herself, or b) threw herself from the bridge to the creek below, supposedly after being spurned by her lover. If you stop in the middle of the bridge, and blink your lights in a certain pattern, SOMETHING is supposed to happen. Accounts vary on just what that experience should be, but there have been many tales of ghostly visions, dead car engines, hands grabbing passengers, and even scratches on car frames.

    I went a few times myself and while I never saw or heard anything (unlike the other encounters I related here on previous episodes), there was a very odd, creepy feeling about the place.

    Great episode as usual fellas!


  3. It was nice to hear you speak of Emily’s bridge I’m quite familiar with this place I live in East Randolph Vermont and have been there

  4. As you guys know, I said I was done with this show after the first couple of episodes, not only because I don’t think the first Ghostbusters is all that much better than the second, but out of protest over the slow production output on the vastly superior Temple of DoomCast. I swear, it feels like a year to the day since the last episode, and I’m still waiting for my voluminous Indy feedback to get read! Even Hero Points has gotten out more episodes of late! Get your act together gentlemen, and your priorities straight. If you must focus so much attention on the overrated Ghostbusters franchise, at least spend more time on their greatest legacy, the animated series.

    Anyway, I planned to skip this episode like usual, but Shag alerted me to Rob’s new “Finding Frank” program, and if he does go looking, he’ll find Frank disappointed with his derivative effort. I swear, the world needs another podcast exploring the tepid critiques of Diabolu Frank like it needs another Batman program like I need a hole in my head (a reference to the classic ’90s alt-rock band Cracker, from a single featured in the movie trailer for the original Kristy Swanson-starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) And really, how does Rob alone expect to compete with the all-star efforts of Siskoid on the exemplar of the subgenre, “You’ve Been Franked”? Stick to what you’re good at and born for Kelly… extensive coverage of Robo Force GoBot Starrior Convertors!

    Looking forward to Chris Franklin’s upcoming Jerry Reed podcast. I’d like to call dibs as guest on the Amos Moses episode, although I’d settle for Texas Bound And Flyin’. Will the show focus solely on songs, ala Pod Dylan, or branch out into the filmography (where Reed really dominates over Bob Zimmerman?) Also enjoyed the continuing Xum-teases.

    Way to subvert expectations, as I thought for sure the ghost story on the bridge would lead to a faked visitation as a bit to wrap the show, but as usual, my idle imaginings go one place and this show actually goes no where. Once again, Temple of DoomCast brings up your game far more than this tripe, even when it comes to heartrendingly-accurate predictions of a Trump presidency. Stick with what you’re best at!

    Jesus… I’m becoming Sidney Mellon in my old age. I’m the Benjamin Button of podcast comment forums.

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