Dear Reader Episode 07: Funny Books

In this episode I tackle graphic novels and manga!

For the first part, I am joined by QnoA co-host Harrison/Harry/Harold the Fishman Chute as we look at the 2012 Jane by Aline Brosh McKenna and Ramon K. Perez.

In the second part, I look at 2015's Manga Classics Jane Eyre by SunNeko Lee and Crystal S. Chan.

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2 responses to “Dear Reader Episode 07: Funny Books

  1. It sounds like Jane would have benefited from a Helen character in McKenna and Perez’s Jane. That might have allowed for the character development that Harry found lacking in this adaptation.

    Also, as a manga fan, I love the fact that Lee and Chan’s Jane Eyre is the most faithful adaptation of the original novel that you’ve found to date. On a side note, I enjoy the challenge of training my brain to read manage, but I still avoid reading manga and western comics back-to-back. Switching between the two with a bit of a break throws me for a loop.

    Thanks for another amazing episode.

  2. You keep makin’em, I’ll keep listenin’. With my own study (Hamlet), I covered two version of Classic Illustrated, and obtained though have not yet read, two Manga versions. Even for a shorter work like a play, page count in comics is crucial (which is how adaptations most fail). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so, what… 2½ pages? Hardly makes up the page count. I guess my question is, how long are these two examples, one unsuccessful (for many other reasons of course) and one successful?

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