Dear Reader Episode 08: East of Jane

In this episode, I tackle theatrical adaptations of Jane Eyre from outside of England!

For the first part (no subtitles), I look at "Haza Al Ragol Oheboh" (This Man I Love) released in Egypt in 1962.

In the second part (yay! subtitles), I look at "Sangdil" (Stone-hearted), released in India in 1952.

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2 responses to “Dear Reader Episode 08: East of Jane

  1. How fun!

    I can’t claim a lot of knowledge when it comes to Arabic cinema, but I’m a fair fan of Indian film, even as far back as the 50s (though I admit my experience that far back is with straight drama without musical elements, by the great Satyajit Ray, for example). The musicals do tend to be 150+ minutes. Color me intrigued.

  2. Reviewing a foreign film without subtitles!? That was impressive. Also, I found the history of Jane Eyre’s translation and dissemination around the world to be interesting, because it’s not something I think of when I pick up a book.

    Since you brought it up, I just learned about Jane Eyre: The Musical. My brother and his wife were supposed to see it last weekend (assuming the babysitter came through, and the kids stayed healthy). I don’t know how familiar they are with the source material, but I’ll ask what they thought of it.

    Thanks for another incredible episode.

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