Dear Reader Episode 09: Neck Biters and Bodice Rippers


Grab your wooden stakes and prophylactics and prepare yourselves for a WILD ride! In the first half, I discover what Jane Eyre would be like as a vampire hunter by looking at Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin (and Charlotte Bronte). The second half heats up by several HUNDRED degrees as I do some dramatic readings from Jane Eyrotica by Karena Rose (and Charlotte Bronte).

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3 responses to “Dear Reader Episode 09: Neck Biters and Bodice Rippers

  1. My only foray into the classic/horror genre mash-up (I don’t know if it has a formal name) has been “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” I’m glad that Jane has her chance to hunt things that go bump in the night, and I agree that she’s a good choice for such a treatment, given her gothic roots.

    As far as the second half of the episode goes, I have to congratulate you on your heroic effort. Your unedited asides and color commentary are what really made it work. I’ll only add that if it was Twitter that goaded you into doing that dramatic reading, then it truly is the dark and evil social media platform that rumors speak of.

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

  2. Take a shot!

    But yeah, while I’m not a reader of erotica, every time I come across it, it seems to have the same basic tropes, including the S&M that apparently titillates the wine moms enough to make the horrid 50 Shades a success. Without kink shaming, I have a hard time believing so many people are into that stuff in their own bedrooms (which is perhaps why it has a lurid allure), never mind EVERY lead in an erotica novel.

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