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DEAR READER, A JANE EYRE PODCAST! A new limited series podcast examining the legacy of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre through the lens of its varied and various interpretations.

The series will launch with a look at the source material, investigating why it has endured for so long, why people love or hate it, and whether Mr. Rochester is an abusive love interest.

In the coming months, I will pair two interpretations each episode from similar (or dissimilar) forms of media and see how well they reflect or build upon the source material. Some examples of the media I will be looking at are television, film, radio, theatre, manga, sci-fi, "what-ifs," and more.

Put down your comics, pick up your first editions, and subscribe to DEAR READER, A JANE EYRE PODCAST!

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  1. I enjoyed your Jane Eyre podcast very much but was disappointed that you did not mention Charlotte Bronte’s emotional traumatic love and attachment to her married teacher in Brussels. I believe this was the main inspiration for Jane Eyre.

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