Dear Reader, Season 2 Episode 01: The OG Women

In the second season premiere, I look at the source material The Women by Clare Boothe Luce. After speaking on the playwright and historical context, I give a synopsis of the play and take a closer look at the characters, themes, literary style, and critiques. Is this a feminist or misogynist play? Listen and find out!

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2 responses to “Dear Reader, Season 2 Episode 01: The OG Women

  1. It’s great to hear Dear Reader back for its second season. I have never seen this play, or any of its movie adaptations, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about them.

    Out of curiosity, do you think this play would pass the Bechdel test? I imagine that, with such a large all-female cast, there would be at least one conversation that wasn’t about men, but, who knows, maybe not?

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

  2. Glad to have this show back!

    When you mentioned Otto Preminger’s connection to Luce, I immediately wondered if he had her in mind when he cast Betty White as a senator in his 1962 film ADVISE & CONSENT. While there was a female senator in office at the time, it was still rare, and certainly almost never portrayed in films of the time.

    Looking forward to the episode on the 1930s films, which is (so far) the only version of this story I’ve seen.

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