Dear Reader, Season 2 Episode 04: Fashionistas

In the fourth episode and season finale, I look at the most recent cinematic adaptation of The Women from 2008. After giving details about the production, I provide some reviews of the film at the time. I also briefly speak about the 1977 adaptation "Frauen in New York," which I was unable to view.

In the second part of the episode, I am joined by Shayna as we discuss various aspects of the film and ask the big question of whether it is feminist or misogynist. As always, I conclude the discussion with revealing whether the film follows the law or the spirit of The Women.

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One response to “Dear Reader, Season 2 Episode 04: Fashionistas

  1. Based on the cast, I would have expected this to film to be a big hit. It’s a shame to hear about the mixed response that it received.

    I wonder if it’s a similar problem to the 1956 movie, only in the opposite direction. The 50s film tried to transform Steven from a willing adulterer into a sympathetic victim, which created inconsistencies in the story. It sounds like the 2008 movie tries to transform a satirical commentary on high society women into a more modern feminist story, which, again, created inconsistencies.

    I guess that’s the danger of doing a remake. In trying to create a fresh take on the original, you can introduce conflict and inconsistencies between the new and source material.

    Thanks for another incredible episode.

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