DigestCast #17 – Deadman and His Friends

For this special episode, Rob welcomes fellow network all-star Shawn M. Myers to present Shawn's dream line-up for a Deadman digest!

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33 responses to “DigestCast #17 – Deadman and His Friends

  1. Wonderfully fun episode.

    A dream digest line-up for me would probably be something like:
    Theme: Cartoon Cavalcade
    -Batman Adventures #25
    -Superman Adventures #52
    -Justice league Unlimited #20
    -Adventures in the DC Universe #11
    -Batman Beyond Vol 1 #4

    It’s probably a little crowded on page counts, but you get the idea.

  2. A copy of my text piece from the inside back cover:


    To my best recollection (and a trip to Mike’sAmazingWorld.com) I believe that I was first introduced to Deadman in the pages of THIS very digest series way back in issue #5 from February 1980, reprinting ‘Never Say Die’ from Adventure Comics #466! A few months later he teamed up with Superman in DC Comics Presents #24 which directly referenced events from that story. In August of that same year his origin was reprinted in DC Special Digest #5! Three appearances in the same year of a character who I never even knew about months ago? WOW!
    Years later I was lucky enough to be able to get the 7 issue Prestige Reprint Series (in a time when there wasn’t a direct sales comic shop close to me – – – how did I manage THAT?) and ever since then, I’ve just been in love with old Boston Brand.
    I actually like Deadman best when he interacts on Earth with everyday people, helping them out of their jam and when he’s portrayed in his ghostly form as his former circus self instead of a skeletal apparition dealing with the underworld and magical settings – but obviously – with his name and skill set, the latter can make sense just as easily!

    In a nod to one of my very favorite digests of all time – DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #2 featuring The Flash And His Friends – I wanted to show off stories that had Deadman interacting with heroes across the DCU.
    Deadman team-ups seem to go two ways – either Boston somehow lets the hero know he’s helping them out, or in some cases – the main star of the story doesn’t even know that Deadman lent them a helping (immaterial) hand. Both ways can be great and lead to fun adventures.
    There were plenty of stories that I love that wouldn’t fit in this digest, even if it were 1,444 pages!
    Team-ups with Aquaman, Swamp Thing, Challengers Of The Unknown, the Legion Of Super-Heroes, Forever People, Dr. Fate, Lobo, Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Justice League of America, and even Scooby-Doo can be found in your back issue bins and on the DC Universe Infinite app.
    You can watch Deadman on Justice League Unlimited and the Justice League Dark animated movie!
    He’s even been a Rod Serling-esque ‘Ghost Host’ for a collection of creepy stories aimed at young adults titled ‘Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales’!
    One great thing about Boston Brand is that for a Deadman, he never stays at rest for very long!

  3. Time Traveling Heroes

    DC’s heroes have never been able to change the past (except when they did), but the writers like to have the heroes be witnesses to history as it is being made. Nine stories from the first forty years of DC.

    1976 Die Now, Live Later. 17 pp. Cary Bates Curt Swan
    Clark Kent is a reporter working for Ben Franklin’s paper, but quickly realizes this is not his life.

    1960 Superboy Meets William Tell 8pp Jerry Siegal George Papp
    Superboyh helps William Tell regain his confidence in his ability to miss his son and hit the apple.

    1956 The Return of Mr. Future 8pp Bill Finger Dick Sprang
    Mobsters using a machine designed by Jules Verne are unstoppable until Batman recruits the author himself to stop them.

    1959 How Krypto Made History 8pp Otto. Binder George Papp
    Krypto’s dino bone is dried out; so, he flies back in time to pick up a fresh one and re-makes a little history along the way.

    1942 Robin Hood’s Revenge 13pp unknown George Papp
    Speedy takes some “time transport” pills help finds in the trophy room (early evidence of Roy’s weakness for experimentation) and is transported to the
    twelfth century. Green Arrow has followed by also taking a pill and they help Robin Hood escape from the Sheriff.

    1965 Jules Verne’s Crysta Ball 10pp Gardner Fox Gil Kane
    Roy’s friend has what he believes to be part of Nostradamus’ crystal ball. The Atom jumps into the Time Pool to investigate closer to when and where it was found.
    JulesVerne owned it, but says he couldn’t find the key either.

    1956 The Scoop of 1869 8pp Otto Binder Curt Swan
    Jimmy Olsen is waiting for word on his application to a reporter’s club and drops off to sleep. When he awakens, he seems to be in Utah sometime after the Civil
    War. Jimmy tries to work as a reporter, but is frustrated by the .ack of technology. Nevertheless, he gers the scoop of 1869 for his paper.

    1961 Superman Meets AL Capone. 8pp. Otto Binder Wayne Boring
    On a trip to the past, Superman runs into Titano and gets blasted by his kryptonite vision. He just misses getting home and has to rest in the 1920s where he
    helps young Perry White get a scoop on Al Capone.

    1961 Supergirl’s Three Time Trips 13pp Jerry Siegel Jim Mooney
    Supergirl decides todosome original research on women in history that she admires: Annie Oakley, Betsy Ross and Pocohantas. After she fixes problems for each
    she returns to find that she has to write about Joan of Arc.

    Surprisingly, no Flash stories came to my mind when thinking of visits to. historic characters. I’m sure he must have gone to the past without blowing up the Multiverse sometime before 1978, but it doesn’t stand out in my memory.

  4. Dream Digest?
    Brother Power, the Geek 1-2
    BPtG #3 (unpublished, pages lost)
    Swamp Thing Annual #5 (1989)
    Vertigo Visions: The Geek one-shot (1993)
    The Brave and the Bold (2007 series) #29 [Batman and Brother Power!]

  5. Haven’t finished the episode yet, but I wanted to say that I’m a deadhead like Shawn and I would definitely listen to a Deadman Talking podcast!!!

  6. Before getting to the other topic, I wanted to comment on this actual episode, which I quite enjoyed.
    Shawn’s story picks sound quite interesting; I’m unfamiliar with most of them (except for two), but they sound quite good – esp. that GL story. But yeah, I’m with Rob: it would have been virtually criminal not to include the story with the ‘mysterious’ Kara.
    Otherwise, I have to say that I fully agree with Shawn that there is no better artist for Deadman than JLGL (PBHN); in fact, my very favorite Deadman stories are those penned by Len Wein and drawn by him or Jim Aparo from Adventure Comics (count me as another big fan of that book’s all-too-brief dollar comics era), as well as the story in DCCP #24. I like that in so many of those, Deadman is a sort of street-level hero who helps (or at least tries to help) ordinary people out of jams.
    Otherwise, I have to say that the basic concept underlying this episode could have just as easily been retooled slightly and been turned into a Treasury Cast – I’m thinking about some of that lovely Neal Adams, Aparo or JLGL art in that format…

  7. And now for my dream/ideal digest (or one of them, anyway). It’s sort of modeled after two of my favorite digests, which are among the few that I have in my collection now.: DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23 starring Green Arrow, with a lovely cover by Jim Aparo that also features Black Canary, and framing sequences inside the book in which Dinah and Ollie discuss some of GA’s past adventures; and, in particular, Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #9, which is the closest I think a digest came to being a tpb, in that it reprints the “Batman murderer” story arc from Detective Comics #444-447.

    So my digest would have the working title “Black Canary, co-starring Green Arrow”.
    It would feature the Black Canary and Green Arrow stories from World’s Finest #244-247, which usually continued into each other in the same issue and more or less constituted an ongoing story arc. Except for the first two, most of them were written by Gerry Conway, and most of the art is by Mike Netzer and Terry Austin (there’s a healthy dose of cheesecake for all of the fishnets fans), with the stories in WF# 247 drawn by Sal Almendola.
    As a bonus – and similar to the aforementioned Batman digest which also reprinted the story from Batman #216 – this digest would also include the two-part Black Canary back-ups from Adventure Comics #418-419, written by Denny O’Neil and famously drawn by Alex Toth.
    With a total of 96 story pages, this one could also include a few pin-ups of the two heroes by Toth, Neal Adams and/or Mike Grell to make it a perfect 100-page digest.

  8. Got to give a quick correction to your Swamp Thing recommendation: Vol 4, which does include the Deadman appearance, isn’t the Arcane story but the second part of American Gothic, and you also leave out the criminally underrated member of Swamp Thing’s art team, Stan Woch, who probably drew a lot of pages you think of as Bissette’s. Woch recently got paid credit in Dark Crisis for cocreating the great (nee orignal) darkness based on a single panel of its fingertip, which I approve of.

  9. My own favorite Deadman bits is the stealth appearance, where a random character says things to a hero in a story where Boston has already appeared, so the reader knows it’s him but the characters stay in the dark. There’s one of those in Swamp Thing vol 5.

    I am convinced that it’s Brand, still around but not necessarily all that sane at the end of time, who sings Mood Indigo at the end of Books of Magic 4.

  10. Hooray for more Digest Cast! And no Shag?! A double win!!! Just kidding, please don’t ban me……..

    I loved hearing Shawn’s choices for a Deadman digest. Since I’m an old curmudgeon, I would have also chosen some older ’70’s stories for Deadman so it was great to hear all these newer stories that would (possibly) draw in new readers.

    For my ideal DC digest, I really REALLY enjoyed the Year’s Best Stories format as a kid. I mean, that was the point of the digests for me. Pack in all these great disparate stories to get new readers to buy all these titles. It felt like I was getting more bang for my buck than, say, a digest of just Superman stories. That isn’t anything against the Superman digests (I still have a couple), but if a reader didn’t like Superman, then they wouldn’t pick up the digest, no matter how good the stories are. So my suggestion would be to take it a step further, Decade’s Best Stories! Or Best of the ’70’s, Best of the ’80’s, etc., etc. I know they’ve done it in some form before, but it would be great to get in a digest.

    Or maybe an artist’s edition? Best of Alex Toth? Best of JLGL(PBHN)? Hmmm, with the size, maybe that isn’t the best way to showcase an artist, but I still stand by it.

    Or a collection of DC Comics Presents stories? I loved (LOVED!) the Brave and the Bold digest (More Silent Knight, please!) and it would have been great to get a DCCP companion digest. I actually don’t know all the digests, but just looking through Mike’s Amazing World of Comics, it doesn’t look like there was anything labeled/marketed as DCCP.

    Or lastly, just give me the one thing I wanted more than anything from the digests when I was a kid; a collection of Captain Marvel/Shazam stories. While I wanted reprints of those ’70’s stories (Zazzo, anyone?) I think the best digest would reprint the Power Of Shazam stories from Jerry The Extraordinary Ordway!

    Oh man, I feel like I could just blather on about different ideas for digests all day, but I should end this now before I get caught at work!

    Well done again everyone on a great episode. Keep up the great work!

  11. What a great show this was, and congrats to you, Rob, for the fantastic cover… the pink blobs gave it a suitably St Valentine’s feel. And well done you, Shawn, on a non-obvious bunch of stories.

    I’m with Shawn, I prefer a Deadman with his original look rather than as a skeletal freak. Boston is not a decaying corpse, he’s wearing the outfit and make-up he died in, and shouldn’t look different as the years pass.

    Did you catch the Deadman story the other week in Harley Quinn Romances, Shawn, I really enjoyed it?

    That Gotham Adventures origin of Deadman could only be repainted if Dick’s horror ponytail is edited out. This was my least favourite of the selections, I say if you’re going to have a Deadman origin, make it the classic… though I appreciated the reasons you didn’t go for the classic tale, Shawn.

    That Halloween GL story, can’t Kyle go a week without finding a dead lady?
    Boston did a good job but he really should have had a chat to bring Kyle up to date Shame the cover is Faces of the DCU, ie a Kyle close-up with no reference to Deadman. I wouldn’t bother putting that one in the digest. Shawn, you have missed out by not reading Kyles’ run, it was brilliant – it was actually disappointing that there was so little Kyle in this issue, but it was a clever standalone.

    I’m with Rob, a version of Supergirl being back today takes nothing away from the Christmas with the Superheroes story, that was the last time we saw the original Supergirl. Let Rob, I still tear up.

    It’s a shame there wasn’t room for a chapter from my favourite Deadman story of the last several years, the gorgeous Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. I agree the Scooby-Doo! Team-Up take was marvellous.

    A Digest contest, how exciting!

    I’m going for the slightly smaller Year’s Best Comic Stories, 132 pages, and doing a Wedding Special. Inside I’d include:

    Arthur marries Mera in The Wife of Aquaman (Aquaman #18, 24pp).

    Rita weds Steve in The Bride of the Doom Patrol (Doom Patrol #104, 25pp).

    Clark plights his troth to Lois in Superman Takes a Wife (Action Comics #484, 22pp).

    Projecta takes Val as her king in Whatever Gods There Be (Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #2, 41pp).

    Jonah vows to love Mei Ling forever in Blood Wedding (Jonah Hex #46, 17pp).

    That’s 129 pages of story, so I’d also have a contents page, a cover gallery and an ad page telling readers where to find the characters today.

  12. Dc going west .
    BatLash #2 From December 1968- January 1969.(pages 24)
    2. The meadow springs Crusade from weird western tales 27. Pages 19
    3.Bullet for a gambler from all star western 7 from 1971 pages 11.

    4. Night of the snake from all star western #7 from 1971 pages 7.

    5.outlaw draw death all star western #2 from 1970
    Pages 17 pages

    Pages count total 78 pages . And do add a bit to page count I want who’s who style for eatch main character before the story . As billy the kid is different from the one you know .
    Cover design: I want the girl from bat lash number 2 dressed in bat’s out fit holding her billy the kid doll. With BatLash smiling right next to her and hex also on the cover as looks at the end of the story complete with arm band arms crossed .and in a wooden style font it says Dc going west featuring brand new who’s who pages written by Chris Franklin art by Rob Kelly . And on the back I want billy the kid waving good by .
    Text on the back : these are a sample of some of the great stories told in the west . Hope enjoyed and happy trails .

  13. Great episode and love the diverse issues chosen. First ran into Deadman in those Adventure dollar books and loved them. Glad they were represented. And, of course, I love the Supergirl story. Remember, not only was she dead, but time had been rewritten so she never existed. That’s why Deadman doesn’t recognize her. That’s why she says ‘we do it even if people don’t remember us, as if we never existed’. Such powerful words. And yes Rob, I also get goose bumps. I think you needed to be a reader at that time and understand the implication of Kara’s death for it to be so meaningful. I do think time has taken some of the ‘gut punch’ away. Still a great story.

    As for dream digest …
    ‘Your favorite hero and mine … THE CREEPER”
    Showcase #73 – origin issue
    JLA #70 – first encounter with wide DCU
    Super team Family #2 – Creeper teams up with Wildcat
    Brave and Bold #178 – Alan Brennert story
    Secret Society of Super-Villains #9 = mistaken for villain (and my first encounter with the character)
    Secret Origins #18 – post-crisis origin
    Hawk & Dove #18 – ditko creations meet!!!
    Who’s Who page

    Hard to stop there. Others considered (so maybe in a cover gallery) – Brave and Bold #80, Detective #447, 1st issue special #7, DCCP 88, World’s Finest 249

    Look. We all love the Creeper!

  14. Despite not being terribly familiar with Deadman, I enjoyed the episode, but I confess that my enjoyment was diminished by Shawn’s refusal to provide complete synopses. Now, I respect his intention, that we should read these issues for ourselves. The problem is that this was coupled with your decision not to post the list of stories on the blog (for reasons I not only respect, but agree with). The reason this is an impediment, for me at least, is that nine times out of ten, I forget that I wanted to leave a comment on a podcast episode between the time I’m listening to it in the car and the time I actually get to a computer somewhat later. I NEED that list of titles and issue numbers if I’m going to be ABLE to go back and read the story later. Sorry, Shawn!

    In a completely unrelated vein, a comment on Rob’s (and now Shawn’s) insistence that collections such as this digest include the cover pages, in addition to the stories. While I understand that this is pretty much universal in modern collections, I don’t believe that this was at all the norm back in the day when digests were originally printed (this admittedly applies less to Shawn’s specific hypothetical digest, which included more modern stories). It seems to me that very few collections (digests or otherwise) included these “extra pages” at the time, presumably because the real estate was considered to be at a premium, and the editors wanted to cram as many story pages in as possible. This seems especially important in an era where there were often multiple stories in a given issue to begin with, and thus the covers might not even have featured anything relevant to the story being included. I could be wrong with this theorizing, but I thought I’d put it out there.

    1. But when there were covers, weren’t they just titchy pics crammed onto a single page, sometimes the black and white inside cover? Not much real estate taken up there.

  15. Rouge rebels
    Showcase 8 first story (first captain cold)
    Flash 106 first story (first gorilla Grod)
    Flash 155 ( first rouge team up)
    Flash 139 (first reverse flash)
    Flash 243-244 ( top dies and rouges go to flash to stop Bomb

      1. Thank you for clearing that up. I really was scanning my brain for a villain or hero or group called ‘rouge’ or ‘rouges’ that might have teamed up with the Flash. I wasn’t a regular reader of Flash. The only thing that came up was Monsieur Mallah with his red beret. That didn’t seem likely for that many issues, but a one-off with MM recruited by the Suicide Squad to help Flash with Grodd should have happened — “Codename: Rouge”, featuring an appearance by young Amanda Waller who learns of the existence of Suicide Squad for the first time

  16. Taking into account that a lot of middle aged readers like us can no longer easily read the original text after it has been shrunk down in size, my digest suggestion completely goes for broke and leans into scandalous marketing to drum up interest and sales. Collect and reprint controversial and/or recalled covers, panels, stories, and issues in their original UNCORRECTED form. Include an essay explaining each circumstance. (I realize some of these things actually have been reprinted.)

    Swamp Thing #11 (2011 series) – penis tentacle panel
    LoEG #5 – Marvel douche ad
    Elseworlds 80 Page Giant #1 – microwaved super-baby story
    All-Star Batman & Robin #10 – readable swear words
    Batman: Damned #1 – Bat-wang
    Examples of the worst racial and ethnic stereotypes from the Golden Age

    The solicitation would be cheeky and say stuff like “We’re cramming this into a digest in order to sneak it past the old DC big-wigs!” and “Grab multiple copies before they’re all recalled again!”

  17. Dream Digest (Series)

    Dynamic Dou
    DC loves to have their heroes team so much so that they created titles for that purpose. But team up or “Dynamic Dous” happen in the pages of other great titles as well. And when you look at the world of cinema, “Dynamic Dou” is a “go to” formula for success. With that in mind, enjoy DC’s Dynamic Dou Digest.

    Volume 1 – Missed Matched Buddy Cop
    Following in the steps of Nick Notle and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs., Let me introduce you to Guy Gardner and G’nort In “ A Guy and His G’nort”
    Green Lantern #9 – “The Two and Only” February 1991 pgs. 22
    Green Lantern #10 – “Bring In The Clown” March 1991 pgs. 22
    Green Lantern #11 – “Fools Rush In” April 1991 pgs. 22
    Green Lantern #12 – “The Master Plan” May 1991 pgs. 22

    Volume 2 – Comedy Pair
    Following in the steps of the like of Abbott and Costello or Martin and Lewis, DC’s greatest comedy pair is the “Blue and Gold” – Blue Beetle and Buster Gold. Let’s that a brief look at some Blue and Gold’s comedy gold
    Justice League #34 – “Club JLI” January 1990 pgs 32
    Justice League #35 – “Lifeboat” February 1990 pgs 32
    Justice League 3000 #12 “Another Fine Mess” February 2015 pgs 20
    Justice League 3000 #13 “A Cold Day In Hell” March 2015 pgs 20

    Volume 3 – Partners in Action
    Following in the steps of Dwanyne Johnson and Jason Statham in Hobbs & Shaw, DC has some unlikely powerful partners in action. Sit back, grap your pop corn, and discover DC’s Partners in Action.
    Green Arrow and Warlord
    Green Arrow #27 “Enter…” December 1989 pgs 24
    Green Arrow #28 “Siege” January 1990 pgs 24
    Shadow Lass and Night Girl
    Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes #212 “A Death Stroke For Dawn” October 1975 pgs 8 (this is the inspiration for this entire Dream Digest Series)
    Green Lantern and Dead Man
    Green Lantern #93 “All Hallow’s Eve” December 1997 pgs 22
    Captain Atom and Batman
    Captain Atom #33 “Source Material” September 1989 pgs 22

    1. I like all these ideas though my favorite is the booster gold and blue beetle on I can see the cover . Blue and gold dressed like abbot and Costello in front of old microphone . Blue a though bubble “ this is the last time I let booster pick the Halloween costumes “. And booster says it was either this or Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman. And the cover could be drawn by Jerry Lawler as well .

      1. I love that cover!!
        I was envisioning for the Green Lantern cover would be Guy talking trash about to the reader wanting the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. Play up the grudge between Guy and Batman.

  18. Great episode guys! And great selection, Shawn! Since I’m on “the council”, I’ll refrain from building a digest. But I’d really love to get that stack of books! My collection is incomplete!

    As far as JLU goes, no the story Shawn picked wasn’t adapted into an episode. Deadman does appear in the JLU Season 3 Episode “Dead Reckoning”, and he does possess the body of Batman…with semi-disasterous results for both of them…and a certain villain. Or a certain villain whose name was changed due to an embargo against Aquaman characters at the time. You’ll have to wait until next year when Cindy and I cover it on JLUCast…along with a very special guest. Guess who?!?

    I will never forget being gobsmacked by the Deadman Christmas tale, right off the rack. That is such a wonderful book overall, but ending with that story…chef’s kiss. I have heard varying stories over the years about potential blowback from it. I’ve heard yes, and I’ve heard no. Not sure what’s true, but I’m so glad Brennert and Giordano did it. And with Giordano drawing it…who’s going to give HIM guff in the DC office?

  19. Maxima
    – Action Comics #651 – Aside from #645 where it was not the True Maxima, but a Doom-Bot stand-in, 1st True Maxima
    – Adventures of Superman Annual #3 – Best Maxima story ever told. Armageddon 2001 alternate future
    – Justice League America #63 – Maxima vs. Starbreaker for the fate of her home planet Almerac!
    – Adventures of Superman #497 – Maxima vs. Doomsday in the Death of Superman!

    Richard Dragon
    – Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1 – Aside from the novel, 1st Richard Dragon and Ben Turner
    – Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #5 – 1st Lady Shiva
    – Brave and The Bold #132 – Dragon and Batman Vs/Team-U
    – Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #18 – 1st Ben Turner as Bronze Tiger
    – DC Comics Present #39 “Whatever Happened To Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter?”

  20. Great episode, Rob and Shawn. Always good to gear from a Bat Cousin.

    Here’s my contribution to the dream digest. You can go to this URL to see the digest cover a created for this:

    Superman’s OTHER Girlfriends: Superman Gettin’ Strange

    The Man of Steel’s adventures take him many strange places. And with travel, comes opportunity. The fiery pits of Apokolips, distant planets, the deep blue sea… Wherever Superman’s crusade takes him, he fights for truth, justice, and gettin’ some strange!

    Luma Lynai – Action Comics #289
    Superman to get married for some reason. Kara commits crimes against time and space to hook Supes up with Helen of Troy. When that fails, they go to the future at Christmas time where Superman makes out with adult Lightning Lad’s wife. After committing super adultery isn’t the answer, Supergirl ships Superman with Luma Lynai of planet Staryl. She looks exactly like his cousin which seems to be a plus, not a minus for Kal-El. Unfortunately, her powers don’t work under a yellow sun, and Superman isn’t going to relocate, so he heads home. Superman also reassures Supergirl that he’d be down with his cousin if it wasn’t for Kryptonian laws. I guess there’s no Kryptonian Alabama.

    Amazing Grace – Adventures of Superman #426
    Superman gets boom tubed to Apokolips and loses his memory. Amazing Grace, posing as a rebel leader, gets dirty with the Man of Steel in the hot tub. But, what happens on Apokolips, stays on Apokolips. Which is good because I’m pretty sure Superman killed a ton of people there, too.

    Big Barda – Action Comics #593
    Could I resist this low hanging fruit? Of course not. Sleez mind controls Superman and Big Barda into making an adult movie. Darkseid get s a VHS copy of the porn for, ahem, research. Mister Miracle tries to pretend it didn’t happen. Also, there’s a Mega-Rod involved.

    Ar-Ual (Fake Wonder Woman) – Lois Lane #93
    Lois Lane is bummed that Superman makes out with Mod Wonder Woman in public, and dances with her at the Monkey’s Paw Disco. A fed-up Lois challenges Diana to a fight for Superman’s honor. Even without powers, Diana just wrecks her shit and the Super couple fly off leaving Lois in a pile. Turns out that it wasn’t actually Diana, but a Kryptonian villainess named Ar-Ual who wants to marry Supes and rule crime somehow. She’s thwarted in the end but not without carving herself off a slice of Superman first.

    Lori Lemaris – Superman #129
    Clark meets a pretty wheelchair-bound girl name Lori. After a few misadventures, including her breathing underwater and speaking to an Octopus, Clark finally figures out what his x-ray vision could’ve told him in 2 seconds: Lori is a mermaid… no, a HOT mermaid! Clark asks her to be his wife, but her life, her love, and her lady is the sea. They depart with a kiss. But, probably not before trying some “aquatic aerobics.”

    1. So, Brett, this taught me something. I grew up in Alabama and never knew first cousin marriage was legal. I looked it up to prove you wrong, but I was surprised. No, I don’t have any regret over missed opportunities, but I was heartened to see that it’s legal in Virginia, Maryland, DC, New York, California — almost half the U.S. — as well as Western Europe, the Middle East, South Asia — lots of places. So now I feel better, and I can enjoy your super-serial dating digest stories!

      1. Ha! I was pretty sure it was true, but it was mostly just a cheap joke at the South’s expense. However, I live in Virginia, so maybe glass cousins shouldn’t throw… stones, or something.


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