Episode 95: Interview with Alan Brennert

In this very special episode, Rob talks with comics writer, TV writer, and author Alan Brennert about his career both in and out of comics. Alan has written classic stories for BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, DAREDEVIL, DETECTIVE COMICS, and his newest book is PALISADES PARK, available from St. Martin's Press.

One response to “Episode 95: Interview with Alan Brennert

  1. This is 3 years too late, but: what a great interview; good job, Rob!
    It’s really nice hearing Brennert talk about all of this stuff, and the all-too-few but wonderful comics stories he wrote. I’m glad you touched on his non-Earth 2 Brave & the Bold stories, because I thought both the Creeper and, especially, the Hawk & Dove issues were outstanding stories as well.
    I was particularly intrigued by the fact that Brennert was actually tapped to write some Top 10 stories. I honestly think Brennert is probably the only writer who could not only do justice to Moore’s creation, but probably knock it out of the ballpark. Too bad that never came to fruition…

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