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The podcast that examines the final films of Hollywood's brightest lights!

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13 responses to “Fade Out – Promo

  1. A promo? I’m supposed to face Monday with nothin’ but a promo? I mean, I guess I still have two thirds of a Who’s Who, but it’s the Verti—I mean, “dark fantasy” issue, and I was a rural kid who got mainstream comics at the grocery store. Of course I’ll still listen, but…wait, what’s that?

    You all have lives and jobs?

    And this isn’t your actual job?

    And you’re starting yet another cool podcast concept just to entertain me out of of the goodness of your heart?

    Well, you make a strong argument. Guess I’ll go get ready for work now. Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Oooh, sounds interesting.
    Are we talking last films by directors, like Hitchcock’s Family Plot? Or by actors, like James Dean in Giant or Mary Astor in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte?
    Or a little of both? 🙂

    1. I could go for both! My first thought on hearing this was Jackie Gleason, who did some unfunny movie with Tom Hanks because someone pointed out that otherwise his final credit would be for “Smokey & the Bandit Have a Baby.”

      I could even go further. What’s the last makeup work of Jack Pierce? I’m willing to have Rob find out and tell me!

  3. Yet another Film show and another twitter handle — AND a wedding to plan. This man knows no rest!

    Looking forward to this. You realize this calls for a Plan 9 episode.

  4. A couple of suggestions:

    The Misfits: final film of Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe

    Brainstorm: Natalie Wood

    The Shootist: John Wayne

    I Could Go On Singing: Judy Garland

    Countess from Hong Kong: Charlie Chaplin

    The Harder They Fall: Bogart

    To Be or Not to Be: Carole Lombard

    On Golden Pond: Henry Fonda

    Soylent Green: Edward G. Robinson

    Ghost Story: Fred Astaire

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