For All Mankind #37

Rob and Super Friend Dr. Anj review "Bad Weather for Supergirl" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Vince Colletta and "The Giant Who Shrunk Ireland" by Bridwell, Romeo Tanghal, and Colletta from SUPER FRIENDS #37! Plus Listener Feedback!

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9 responses to “For All Mankind #37

  1. Another fun episode. Dr. Anj wasn’t kidding when he mentioned the number of times Supergirl is shown changing clothes.

    My earliest comics of her were from the last few issues of Superman Family where she is battling the Master Jailer. I remember her commenting (after being turned into an invisible phantom) how it was strange to change her clothes in public. I also believe the entire plot of that issue involved her sneaking into a men’s locker room and trying on the Atom’s super suit.

  2. Wow, what an excellent X-mas surprise! Great show, Anj & Rob.
    I have to agree that it’s a bit surprising that Supergirl didn’t appear as a guest in Super Friends more often, but then again, I always thought it was a bit strange that she also hardly ever appeared in JLA (personally, I thought she should have been a fully-fledged member of the latter). Anyway, I suppose I can see the reason for her being upset about the Super Friends getting more attention from the adoring public. I’m sure it’s especially galling when you’re even upstaged by the Wonder Twins…

    By the way, on the topic of t-shirts with stuff printed on the front and back, in the late 1970s I had a Thing t-shirt that, appropriately, had the front view on the front and the back view on the back. And on the back side, his little blue Speedo had a caption that said “If you’re reading this, you’re too darn close!”

    Best holiday wishes, everyone…

  3. would’nt this story work better with just about ANYBODY? supergirl is jealous of Wonder woman for about ten seconds “oh wait I can FLY AND my arch-foe is not a lame catwoman rip off!

  4. Great show, Rob. Dr. Anj is a terrific guest, and always brings the Supergirl knowledge.

    Issue 37 was not the best, but it had its moments. Probably my favorite part was Superman pulling rank and taking the pin-up room. Nice job, Supes. He’s out here for truth, justice, and a peak at some side boob.

    It’s bad enough the Super Friends bumbled the Warhead adventure last issue, but now they get their lunch eaten by Weather Wizard. Wonder Woman lost to a ski! When Peaches and Herb are the ones defeating Weather Wizard and dismissively tossing him to Supergirl like a bad tip, it’s time to reevaluate.

    I did like seeing Supergirl as the guest star. But she didn’t really do much more than stew in the corner and occasionally abandon some at-risk youths. I get her anger, though. She was sent to earth to take care of her baby cousin, only to arrive after he’s all grown up and is the biggest superhero in the world. She’s the older cousin and she was passed over! She can do things. She’s smart, not like people say, like dumb. She’s smart and she wants respect!

    1. On that last point, well, not quite – the Superman’s babysitter business is way, waaaay post-Crisis, the original Supergirl was sent to Earth because she was valuable in herself; the rationale for the current version being on Earth is horribly reductive. But yes, this Classic Supergirl should have been extremely peeved at being dumped in an orphanage and patronised by Kal-El for years (which babysitter Kara never was).

      Anyway, another great show Rob, always fab to hear Anj chatting, well, anything. The Supergirl story was fun, and she looked gorgeous but not cheesecakey.

      As for the back-up, I think we’d all been waiting for a good look at how leprachauns passed on messages.

  5. It was great hearing Dr. Anj again – and THIS time talking about his favorite character!
    I still remember his appearance on DigestCast and the issue that spotlights all of the different careers that Linda has had over the years!

    I wonder if part of the reason why there were so many guest stars was to quote unquote PROVE that Super Friends DID indeed take place in the regular DC Universe.

    Thanks for the shout out regarding me and my love of Dollar Comics.
    I certainly understand that they cost more than a 35 cent comic, but the ads pointed out that you were getting 4 comics for the price of 3, so really – you’re saving money the more you buy! LOL, I’m a sucker for ad copy, apparently.
    But seriously – I LOVED anthology titles because you could get so many different heroes and stories in one place!

    Those Pepsi Moon glasses are absolutely beautiful. I have 8 of them and am always on the lookout for the ones that I still need to complete my collection!

  6. Catching up on shows I missed during the holiday break. Always a pleasure to hear Anj on the network! I didn’t have this one as a kid, and only read this one for the first time a few years ago. I was surprised to find Supergirl was legitimately jealous in this issue! I too expected some kind of mind control, or an act to trip up a villain, etc. I guess it’s refreshing to have a Super Hero behaving less than admirably in this Silver Age-like comic, but it’s still a bit shocking!

    I started my collection of Pepsi Super Heroes glasses with the later 1978 series. I believe my cousin Joe picked me up Superman and Batman from Pizza Hut. This series doesn’t have the “moon” or circle behind the characters, but their title logo and emblem on the back side of a main action image. The art overall isn’t quite as nice or as iconic, but they are still fun, although there weren’t as many characters offered. Just Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Captain Marvel (Shazam!). I ranked the Pepsi Moon Glasses for our friend Dan Greenfield’s 13th Dimension, and Supergirl was near the top!

  7. Just a quick comment about the Pepsi DC glasses. I’m pretty sure mine came from Pizza Hut, which was (is?) owned by Pepsi. I remember distinctly getting all of the later Warner Bros glasses from Pizza Hut, so I’m guessing these were from there, too.

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