For All Mankind #45

Rob and Super Friend Chuck Dill discuss "The Man Who Collected Villains" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Romeo Tanghal, and Vince Colletta and "One of Our Barbarians is Missing" by Martin Pasko, Joe Staton, and Bob Smith from SUPER FRIENDS #45! Plus Listener Feedback!

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10 responses to “For All Mankind #45

  1. odd fact when I was REALLY YOUNG in San Francisco Superfriends was WAY More COMON THAN jla (till the detroit group) but when I say superfriends was common I mean issuse 2. JLA like firestorm or Gi joe (much Later) was at my great grandma’s 7 11 in Salinas
    VERY young rob (if he still exist somewhere in the multiverse) is pretty glad he didn’t buy a comic with two green Lantren foes but no Green Lantren. Though in ANY universe where American slang and the catholic church evolved the same way they did here, I rather doubt my oft talked about father would let me near a comic with “Bushmaster on the cover.

  2. You know, I’m kind of with Chuck on the Bushmaster: the young me never give him much thought, but looking at him now I think he’s pretty cool. I definitely think he merited one of those prestige post-Crisis mini-series if nothing else.
    Otherwise, I’m interested in seeing where this story goes – I’m hoping (although I’m sure those hopes will be dashed) that all of the ‘horny’ headgear (bovine, ovine and cervine) worn by the various characters will come into play.
    And finally, as I did the last time a Plastic Man back-up was featured, I’ll reiterate my vote for a collection of the Pasko & Station stories from this era.

  3. (Begin yelling at clouds)

    I agree that the coloring in comics, while definitely more advanced, isn’t always an improvement. And sometimes a detriment to storytelling. Where should I be looking when the backgrounds and as much coloring and highlights and shadows as the foreground? Does the eye color of a random person in the crowd need as much detail as the main character?

    (End yelling at clouds)

    On a side note, as someone who grew up in upstate New York, some of those snowstorms in the 60s and 70s filled us with a level of anxiety too.

    “Kids! Fill up the bathtub with water if the power goes out! Ok, the power went out! Grab the flashlights! Don’t open the refrigerator door, all the food will spoil! And make sure the sidewalk is shoveled in case someone comes and slips and breaks their neck and then sues us.”

    Ahhhh … memories …

  4. Thanks for this podcast! I recently binged the back episodes after discovering the Who’s Who show and bingeing it to keep my sanity during the early part of 2020. Super Friends is one of my earliest comic book memories. I especially loved anything that included the Global Guardians. My favorites were Seraph, Jack O’Lantern (sorry, Rob), Rising Sun, and Beatriz da Costa the heroine futurely known as Fire. Number one had to be The Olympian who inspired an early appreciation for Greek myths. You also can’t go with the bug-eyed greatness of Kanjar Ro. But instead of the whatchamacallit rod, The Conqueror should have targeted his gamma gong. And thanks for the reminder of Imagic’s Cosmic Ark game for the Atari 2600. Imagic and Activision always put out the best cartridges back in the day.

  5. Hello Chuck – welcome to the podcast!
    I loved hearing your stories about growing up and can’t wait to subscribe to the “Chuck’s Childhood” podcast!

    This issue and the next are great because it is so reminiscent of the JLA stories, and even harkens back to Super Friends 7, 8, and 9.

    Chuck, I’ve recently made an enemy of Rob for my ‘so-so, ho-hum’ attitude towards Jim Aparo so I WILL NOT tell you out loud that I agree with your original assessment of Romeo Tanghal and Ramona Fradon.

    Regarding Dr. Mist’s HEADquarters and how the heroes would enter – – – my guess is that they’d go through the JAWbridge!

    As The Fire And Water Podcast Network’s Senior Speedo Correspondent,
    The Conqueror’s outfit did indeed register a few checks in the Win column of costume appreciation!

  6. Great episode on an issue I haven’t read. Always liked when DC proper stuff leaked into the book! Sinestro!! (I feel lucky that the 2 issues I have reviewed were deep dives into Black Orchid and Supergirl/Weather Wizard!)

    Bushmaster just looks too much like Blue Falcon in some panels for me to take him too seriously.

    Do you think Dr. Mist used his powers to make his tower? Or used demolitions a la Mt Rushmore? And I can only imagine when he gives directions to his place. ‘Fly to the Africa, follow the river until you see my massive face!’

    As someone who survived The Blizzard of 78 and the Ice Storm of 80 in Rhode Island, as well as shoveling a long driveway I can tell you snow storms can completely suck.

    Will be sad to see this show end!

  7. Great show, Rob and Chuck. First, Chuck, you’re not alone. I remember as a kid really liking the Tanghal/Colletta art team better than the Fradon/Smith team. I don’t feel that way now, of course, but I still dig Tanghal’s renditions of Batman and Aquaman. Embrace the wavy aqua-perm, Rob! Also, while it’s cool your parents got you football cards, it’s absolutely tragic they gave you Dallas Cowboys pajamas. That’s a potential super-villain origin story.

    Terrific issue. I love the big team stories where they split into smaller groups. The Global Guardians were always a welcome site. I always thought it’d be great for someone at DC to do a fun adventure series with them. Which means we can rely on a dark 12-issue Tom King Global Guardians run where they’re all secretly pervert war criminals working for Big Oil, or something.

    Hey, Aquaman got some stuff to do this time! “What’s happening? Are we inside some guy’s head? The living room is shaped like a nose. Hey, Doctor Mist, how many years of medical school did it take to be this tacky? Good luck listing this atrocity on Zillow! So, now we have to team up with the Village People to free a bunch of bad guys? Why are we even listening to this nut job? He’s splitting us up into groups. Oh no, I hope I don’t get the Little Mermaid… don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact… dammit! Of course, why do I get teamed up with a toddler while Ike and Tina get to hang out with a bad-ass Viking! Even Batman has a cooler partner and he’s paired with a dude wearing a Nerf football on his head. I would leave Mermaid here with a happy meal, but Grubhub probably doesn’t deliver to a giant face! I swear I’m so done with this. I’m just going to free Sinestro and let a $#@& shark eat him. What a day… Maybe the hippie chick with all the hair has some weed.”

    Only two issues left!

  8. Another great show great to see plastics man back in action . Also the story about an actor going rogue seems like one straight out of Saturday morning cartoons to me.

  9. What a great discussion! Like Chuck, I too was a big fan of Bushmaster. I legitimately thought his look was cool, and I especially loved his color scheme.

    I will also admit at the time, I think I preferred the Romeo Tanghal look. The heroes looked a bit more “on model” now, per the then current comics. Now, I totally feel the opposite. Although I still think the art is nice, particualry Tanghal’s Batman, as you guys pointed out.

    See, we think so much alike, Chuck! So let me come over and play with your Super Powers Cyborg figure. In fact, can I borrow it from a while?

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