For All Mankind 46

Rob and Super Friend Noah Tarnow discuss "The Conqueror's Greatest Conquest" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Romeo Tanghal, and Vince Colletta and "Echo of Evil" by Bob Oksner from SUPER FRIENDS #46! Plus Listener Feedback!

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33 responses to “For All Mankind 46

  1. Great episode guys; the main story sounds… convoluted, so thank goodness for the Seraph back-up to elevate the issue one last time.

    Can’t wait for the final episode when Wonderdog will at last be revealed as the Big Bad who has been orchestrating the events of 46 issues to his own nefarious ends!

  2. “Hammond dry” sure sounds like a play on “ham on rye.” Not sure why this would make any sense, though. Maybe I’m reaching, too, Rob.

    1. Had the movie “Airplane” come out around this time? It’s starting to sound like that type of humor. “Dry”? “Hold the Mayo?” (We’re working really hard to force this title to make sense)

    2. no I think that’s right “hammond rye.
      as for Time traper he’s always a diffent person in legion right? He mAY be a diffrent person here too. More he’s a space/time guy he can make SUperfriends part earth 1 or not. as editors sees fit. I mean WHO’S SURE Legion is earth-1?
      I THINK they made Robin a badass to make up for how badly he was treated in the cartoon. Robin gets disrepected a lot. A Bulletman foe shows up in the Joker solo book ROBIN does not!
      Finally Rob sell action comics before killing Hitler. You change World war two before American involment you might turn superheroes into a very short lived fad

      1. Yeah, I was going to say that killing Hitler would change the timeline and possibly make all of those comic books worthless somehow. Nonetheless, I think killing Hitler is still the right answer.

        1. Sure, but practically, there’s a lot more to killing Hitler than buying Action Comics #1. “To do: 1) Go to newsstand. 2) Plan assassination of a head of state in a rapidly militarizing dictatorship where I don’t even speak the language.” I mean, I have the utmost faith in Rob, but I’d want him to have a support team on this one, you know?

  3. I think there’s a hams beer brand . Maybe with the hamend dry is referring to . Just a thought. Another great episode. Just wondering have got in any better on your Flash Gordon pinball machine .
    Also have checked out the horror host show cinema Insomnia? It is up on YouTube on cinema Insomnia and 0si74 .

  4. I used to think there were decades between when Green Flame and Ice Maiden first appeared in The Super Friends and when they came back in pages of the Justice League. Was it really only about 10 years Ten years ago we were trying to deal with the “New 52”. Time moves SO slowly when you’re a teenager. But, now we have a “Fire and Ice in Smallville” mini series. The reach of E. Nelson Bridwell and this “kid’s comic” is impressive!

  5. I also thought ‘ham on rye’ as a pun, though don’t know if it’s funny.

    Love the Seraph story. And yes, Oksner knew how to draw beautiful women. He inked Carmine Infantino on Supergirl and definitely made those women easy on the eyes, especially the everyday, non super hero ones. His supergirl was attractive. His Linda Danvers, sultry, swoony, gorgeous.

  6. Oops, one more thing!!

    I knew about Masada because of the RV miniseries. It was here I learned who Peter OToole was! I recall it was on in the spring and I was allowed to stay up late to watch it!

    Did this issue predate that show, building on it entering the public mind?

  7. Another fantastic episode! I recall the Seraph story from this issue, but not the main one. Seraph fascinated me by linking to a couple of Bible stories from Sunday school back in the day. I knew about Samson and Moses, but this may have been where I learned about the mantle of Elijah and the ring of Solomon. Of course, Solomon was also the S in Shazam, which confused me for a bit since Solomon was not a god of any kind. But I digress. Aquaman’s line in this story is so funny to me. “Well, Sinestro wanted to come so I brought him with me.” I can just hear Sinestro pleading with Aquaman, “Gee, Aquaman, can I come too? Can I? Can I? Can I?” And regarding his potential change of heart in this issue, Sinestro has occasionally found himself on the side of the good guys. But I don’t think he ever had a complete babyface turn since he got his yellow ring. Glad to hear you will be doing a couple of extra episodes. I have really enjoyed the podcast. And I have no clue what “Hammond dry” is supposed to be a play on, but ” ham on rye” sounds as good as anything.

  8. As expected, my hopes for a showdown between the hornheads in this issue were dashed. It was a real missed opportunity. Oh, well…
    Otherwise, I’m with everyone else here in the comments about ‘ham on rye’, although if that is the case, I don’t really get the joke, either.
    And finally, I agree with both of you that the Seraph story is really the highlight of this issue (and not just because of the very fetching Rivkah). However, I also agree that the story’s content, i.e., a callback to the Roman siege of Masada, indeed seems a bit heavy for a Super Friends comic. It definitely would have been more suited for one of the more ‘adult’ titles, like Action Comics.

  9. Impressive podcast most impressive. I too think the Hammond thing is a pun. I’m not Jewish, but there are a few Jewish heroes. Moon Knight, it’s even talked about for a sec in the TV show on Disney +. He’s a merc so not a great role model, but still.Thing has been shown fully Jewish in marvel. Sabra is a Government sponsored hero in Israel.

    Atom Smasher from the JSA is Jewish. I think this was even mentioned in Infinity Inc when he was there. Two Gun kid is Jewish. Rag Man is also Jewish. In fact his suit is sort of in powered by long dead Jewish spirits. Shadow Cat is also Jewish. In fact when the X-Men fought Dracula she used a Star of David to hold off Dracula.

    So she was practicing. Since vampire in marvel follows ware you have to have faith for a symbol to work on them. And it worked for her. Wolverine was S.O.L. Since he had no beliefs as an Atheist. While Night Crawler used a cross of course. I could go on but yep there are a few Jewish heroes in comics. But yeah Seraph would have been cool in comics.

    As for the art I like it , but Romona was great too. At
    Still when I think of Romeo I think of G. I. Joe since Larry Hama did use his name for Torpedo a Navy Seal in that toy line and comic. Hmm, the next is the last issue wow ah well it was fun to hear while it lasted. look forward to what you record next Rob.

    Probably a LSH podcast.

    1. All correct! And where can we find more information about the explicit Jewish content in stories about all these heroes and so much more? That’s right, one of my favorite podcasts, “Funny, They Don’t Look Jewish!” Rob, you gotta push Henry and Rabbi Brandon’s work more! It’s outstanding! Noah would love it! I mean, I know you mentioned it, but give people the name so they can look it up, please. Remember, you said you would use your powers for good!

  10. A fun show, Uncle Rob and Uncle Noah. I always enjoy how you spotlight the fun in these goofy stories, as well as the high acclaim for Seraph.

    I was thinking “Hammond Dry” was either a play on both “ham on rye” and “high and dry” myself.

    And yes, the World Beater had taken a number of pages to defeat in issue 3, but Superman used the same method of defeating him here in issue 46, so that worked fine for me. It’s just like how all of the Super Friends shorts featuring Bizarro have the villain defeated with Blue Kryptonite.

    And the final issue is almost upon us. A fine time as any to pull up a discovery I made a few years ago while going through my Dad’s old comic book news magazines. From THE COMIC TIMES MEDIA SHOWCASE issue 5, March 1981.

    Those “new titles”, by the way, were All-Star Squadron and Arak, Son of Thunder.

    I am not saying it is Roy Thomas’ fault, since it was the DC higher ups who made the decision on which titles to cut.

    1. (A completely unrelated note, but… “Superman Presents the EGYPTIAN Chronicles”?! Did 1981 typewriters have autocorrect?)

  11. I’ve commented on other comments, so now I have to make sure you know, Rob and Noah, that this was another great episode. I enjoyed hearing about the kooky main plot, especially the Sinestro but, and the awesome-as-always Seraph backup. I also enjoyed the rundown on Noah’s work, but there’s nothing quizzical about that.

  12. Another fun show gents. If anything, Sinestro got nastier, to the point the GLC executed him in the final issue of Hal’s original numbering! Maybe he felt embarassed about his public moment of weakness here, and thought he had something to prove?

    Agree on all points on the Seraph story. As the husband of a Barbie collector, Oksner’s women seemed to evoke that mid-century style seen on early Barbie toys. The upturned noses, the long legs, etc. But man, they are fetching! Didn’t Oksner design Supergirl’s famous Hot Pants outfit? Dr. Anj? Either way, he likes the shorty shorts.

    Now I can’t NOT see a Seraph figure in the Warlord line. The current MOTU Origins toy line has included all the characters from the short-lived Sun-Man line of figures that Olmec Toys made in the 80s. Maybe, just MAYBE someone can convince them to re-release the Warlord figures in that line, AND add a Seraph? One can dream.

    Either way, it’s nice to hear that the Seraph stories are helping Noah reconnect with his faith and culture. Powerful stuff, indeed!

    1. Just in case Anj doesn’t see this, Chris, when the hot pants outfit debuted in Adventure Comics #410 the lettercol told us it was designed by John Sposato of Edison, New Jersey… maybe a neighbour of Young Robbie! Bob Oksner was the first person to draw it, inked by Vince Colletta – a fabulous combo!

  13. Welcome to the podcast Noah – it was great hearing you talk about your memories and your faith!

    My love for The Global Guardians knows no borders and I think that they are all great here.
    As many have said – it’s a shame that more wasn’t done to develop them into their own title!
    With more heroes, another issue and a better conclusion – THIS storyline would have been a great final arc for the Super Friends series (at issue #50!)

    Regarding the chapter title ‘Hammond Dry’, there is a British phrase ‘home and dry’ which means ‘to have successfully finished something’.
    (The only reason I know that is because it’s the name of a Pet Shop Boys, not because I heard Martin Gray say it at a Batman Family Reunion)
    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe they used this since Hector was the only villain to help the heroes capture the main bad guy?

  14. Thanks for another top show, this was a typically fun issue – excellent Super Friends fun and our final visit to The Seraph.

    Noah, I’ve not heard of Ramona Quimby. Is she related to Fred?

    Godiva did have a good run in Dan Jurgens’ New 52 JLU book, it’s a shame this version hasn’t been seen since DC Rebirth kicked in.

    I was interested to hear Noah’s thoughts on the Seraph story, and Jewish creators in comics, but I had never heard of the X-Men as a metaphor for the Jewish people, hiding in plain sight, only the tacked-on civil rights business.

    Only one more issue. Sob.

  15. Great show, Rob and Noah.

    Noah, may I first say, what were you thinking, tearing the covers off your comics?! That’s this network’s version of a Saw movie! Oh, the humanity! Don’t tell that story at the bat mitzvah.

    Overall, I really liked the team-ups. Superman and Olympian were a good team in the sense that Olympian stood there with an animal on his head and watched Superman do stuff. Supes basically could’ve accomplished the same goals if he was paired with the chairman of the Elk Lodge.

    The Wild Huntsman drew the short straw and got stuck with Womack & Womack. But at least Jayna helped out in the fight by turning into a house fly! I think the Time Trapper keeps changing the timeline in an attempt to forget all the times he’s gotten his lunch handed to him by Peters & Lee.

    Finally, it was fun watching Robin and Rising Sun beat the crap out of a bunch of Jan 6ers. Kick ‘em one more time, Robin!

    Aquaman finally gets an appearance!
    “Okay, now we’re all back together at the bad guys castle. At least it’s not in the shape of his head like some people we know. Wait, nobody else brought their villain? I’m the only one who brought their villain. Great. I knew I should’ve called Superman to see if anyone else was bringing theirs. Now everyone is looking at me. Okay, just play it off by saying something cool. Ahem… ‘Sinestro wanted to come along so we brought him!’ God, that sounded so lame. What was I thinking? I’ll have to stay by Sinestro the whole battle. I won’t get to punch anyone. Face it, Arthur, you only brought him ‘cause he said he liked your perm. It’s just so hard to get a compliment out of the other Super Friends. They save it all for the Exorian Peaches and Herb over there. Just the wors… Wait, the fight’s over? That’s it? Mist just pointed at him. What was the point of us all even coming here? That’s it, I’m leaving Sinestro in this guy’s hall closet and calling my weed guy.”

    Finally, let me say the Seraph story was great. Judging by the last panel, It looks like our hero definitely gets a happy ending.

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