Film & Water #100 – Rear Window


Episode 100: REAR WINDOW

For this special 100th episode, Rob welcomes back some of his favorite guests--Dr. Anj, Darrin and Ruth Sutherland, and Siskoid--to discuss one of their favorite films of all time, Alfred Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW, starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly!

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21 responses to “Film & Water #100 – Rear Window

  1. It kills me that I wasn’t able to take part in this episode, but everybody did a fantastic job and covered the points that I would’ve brought up. Great episode, Rob and Co.

    More generally, congratulations on 100 episodes, Rob! That’s a great accomplishment and we’re all looking forward to where this podcast goes next (assuming there’s less David Ace Gutierrez, of course).

  2. Thanks Ryan! Wish you could have been part of the show, but I hope to do more round table episodes for big movies down the line. More scheduling work for me, but then I don’t have to talk as much when it comes time to record.

    And I will do my best to limit the % of DAG content on the show.

    1. As I always say, “A little Ryan, long way.”

      Congrats on 100 shows! Glad I’m 4% of that. Now, when will listeners learn the end of Ex Machina? I’ve been waiting 99 weeks to find out!

  3. Let me join in on the congratulations! I’ve been turned onto many fine movies thanks to this show, and even if I wasn’t on the same network, I would still be tuning in every week.

    I haven’t seen Rear Window in quite some time, but it of course still resonates with me. The first time I saw it, I remember being disturbed by how sinister Raymond Burr could be. This was Perry Mason after all! His size and melancholy nature does work well with the role of a brooding murderer, for sure.

    Rob, your story about almost being busted by your friend’s gun-happy Dad sounds like some of the misadventures I had as a kid. You painted the scene quite well.

    The line about Bing Crosby not surviving a night with Grace Kelly almost had me do a spit-take. That would have got you another Cindy-slap, Rob.

    Great insight by Anj, Darrin, Ruth and Siskoid as well. Great panel discussion!

    Here’s to 100 more episodes…and one of those better be Smokey and the Bandit!


    1. Thanks Chris! I know you already covered SATB on Is It Jaws? but maybe we can do a show on it anyway. I’m betting you have more to say about it.

      Now that I have been slapped by Cindy, in person, hearing her hit you will carry so much more resonance.

  4. The thing I didn’t get to say but that further proves my “mad theory” about the film is that the main difference between the film and the short story is the addition of Grace Kelly’s character! In other words, to me, she’s the WHOLE POINT.

    1. I started watching that when it aired on BBC1 last Friday and kept wishing I was watching Rear Window… I’ll try and watch the end on the BBC iPlayer catch-up service, as it was at least watchable.

  5. Congrats on 100 episodes Rob!

    Definitely have sought out movies to see based on this show! Then relistened once I saw the movie. That is the highest praise I can give.

    And thanks for having me on!

  6. Happy 100th! I enjoyed the panel discussion of Rear Window. There were lots of great insights brought up that I hadn’t thought of before (e.g., the action in Jeff’s apartment being mirrored in the other apartments). I have to admit that North by Northwest is probably my favorite Hitchcock movie, but Rear Window is definitely in my top three. Enjoy your break from Film and Water.

  7. Many congratulations on 100 episodes, Rob, I’ve also discovered some great films from this podcast, and new insights into old favourites. And as you know, you’ve nearly bankrupted me from buying DVDs.

    Rear Window is a great choice for your anniversary, being a film about voyeurism or, to be kind, immersive viewing. I loved the opening audio trailer, presumably from a re-release given it was citing Psycho, which was made years later – it rather overstated how weird some of the neighbours were, mind!

    As regards a suggestion that came up, someone has already made a film where the murders are on FaceTime, Unfriended. Now you can do it on the show! Right after you do The Haunting, A Canterbury Tale, Freaks, Goodbye Mr Chips, The Painted Veil, The Pajama Game, The Others and a million other better films

    Rear Window is definitely about impotency as, I think, Siskoid suggested – notice how as Jeff gets more and more excited the cameras and telescopic lenses get bigger and higher. This would also tie in with Darren’s comments about tension building being released at the end of the film…

    I cannot believe no one mentioned the mild dog threat!

  8. Congratulations on producing 100 excellent episodes of The Film & Water Podcast! It is always a pleasure to hear the great film conversations on your show. You are a fantastic host!

    We had a great time discussing Rear Window with you, Anj, and Siskoid! There is so much to say about that outstanding film. It was wonderful to join in the conversation with friends who appreciate it so much!

    I’m glad you are giving yourself a well-deserved break before launching into the next 100 🙂 I look forward to hearing more on The Film & Water Podcast!

  9. Thanks for 100 great episodes of a fantastic podcast!

    REAR WINDOW is my absolute favorite Hitchcock movie – and among my very favorite movies of all time. Certainly a very worthy choice for an anniversary episode and a power house roundtable discussion.

    Rob, you started off noting REAR WINDOW was based on Cornell Woolrich’s “It Had to be Murder.” One thing that I would add to that is that Woolrich’s story was based on an H.G. Wells short story entitled “Through a Window.” Seems like some sort of literary/cinematic nesting doll or something.

    Loved you guys’ entire discussion and analysis. So thorough and insightful. You guys talked about pretty much everything I would have honed in on and then some. Of course, that is exactly what I expect from such a great group of podcasters/bloggers.

    BTW, Hitchcock’s REBECCA was mentioned by Anj. Another great film (although I think a little bit lesser known in some quarters). It was based on a Daphne Du Maurier book. Again, one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Mrs. Danvers is one of my top movie “villains” of all time. Check out this youtube video of clips of her (superbly portrayed by Judith Anderson) as seen in Hitchock’s movie and then set to music. Love it!

    Thanks again and looking forward to the next 100!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the episode!

      Thanks for mentioning the information about the H.G. Wells story. We’re fans of Wells and will check it out.

      We just watched the Mrs. Danvers – Devotedly Evil video. She makes a great villain! I’m glad you shared it.

  10. Great discussion of the film! True story, the first time I watched REAR WINDOW was shortly after the first episode of this podcast! When FILM & WATER launched, I asked Rob for a list of classic movies everyone should see. REAR WINDOW was on the list, and because it was part of the show logo, I watched it right away.

    So glad I did! An amazing film!! Loved your discussion about the making of and behind the scenes. Made for wonderful listening. And … you know I have to say it … Grace Kelly is smokin’ hot in this movie!! Not that you need me to tell you.

  11. Fabulous coverage of a terrific movie, and actually my fave Hitch pic.

    Congratulations on 100 episodes, Rob. Your outroing bit was heartfelt and I felt very moved until you left me out of the guest list thank yous.

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