Film & Water #106 – Summer School Audio Commentary



Rob welcomes back David "Ace" Gutierrez to do a full-length commentary track for SUMMER SCHOOL, the 1987 comedy starring Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley and Courtney Thorne-Smith, directed by Carl Reiner! We'll see you at the movies!

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Correction: David Ace Gutiérrez erroneously misidentified Penelope Spheeris as the original director of SUMMER SCHOOL. The original director was Amy Heckerling, who directed both Courtney Thorne-Smith and Dean Cameron in the TV series FAST TIMES.

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13 responses to “Film & Water #106 – Summer School Audio Commentary

  1. This movie was a hoot and was in the theater when I was working there so I saw it a bunch of times. Dean Cameron was a fave of mine at the time, starring in those screwball comedies (of which Ski School is a personal favorite).

    The movie is chock full of beautiful women who definitely caught my eye as a kid. Courtney Thorne Smith! Kirstie Alley! Shawnee (The Blob) Smith! Kelly Jo Minter (I can’t believe I am going to mention People Under the Stairs for a second time on this site!)! And, of course, Fabiana Udenio (she’ll always be Alotta Fagina to me)!! But how could you not mention Pam Dawber … Mark Harmon’s wife!!!! Of all of them, Dawber has a special place in my heart.

    For ‘very special’ episodes, what about the Saved by the Bell were Jessie gets hopped up on diet pills??? “I’m so excited!! I’m so excited!!!! I’m so …. scared!” Too fantastic!

    But the best thing about this episode was the two of you reminiscing about high school – grades, girls, bullies, etc. I almost want this to be a sub-genre of Film and Water. Pick a random bad/schmaltzy teen movie from the 80s (Hot Dog the Movie, Ski School, Lucas, Better off Dead, Three O Clock high, Mischief, Weird Science, Adventures in Babysitting, etc), get a cohost and talk about High School.

    Great episode!

      1. I guess we forgot about Pam Dawber. I can’t over it all, Dr Anj!

        I can talk original cast Saved by the Bell for days! Have you checked out Go Bayslde! ? Great podcast.

        Adventures in Babysitting and 3 o’clock High are wonderful done-in-ones!

        1. I loved Thor’s cameo in Adventure’s in Babysitting. Wow! I just realized that was a young Vincent D’Onofrio playing the God of Thunder/auto mechanic.

  2. I got the chance to meet Carl Reiner at a book signing a few years back and he was very nice. Earlier this year he and his son Rob were at the TCM Film Festival where they each had their handprints placed outside the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Carl is on twitter everyday – mostly complaining about Trump.

    He’s still going strong at 95 & has a new book out. You can get an autographed copy by going to this website:

  3. Wonderful commentary, gentlemen. This is one that I thought I hadn’t seen, but then realized that I had. Sadly, it must not have left much of an impression on me, but any movie where Agent Gibbs hooks up with Lt. Saavik must have something going for it.

  4. I just spent an hour-and-a-half listening to two guys watch a movie. The things I do to avoid listening to the news on a long commute!

  5. Loved this episode. I must have watched this on HBO dozens of times as a kid. Not gonna claim it’s a masterpiece but just a film that totally succeeded at what it intended to be. Loved hearing all of the trivia and behind the scenes info from David and it does kinda blow my mind a little bit to find out is has enough of a following to get special showings with the cast so many years later. Weird sort of validation for how much time I spent watching this

  6. Nice show fellas. I only vaguely recall this movie. I remember seeing it, but that’s about it. It just didn’t seep into my subconscious like some, as I never had HBO, and it wasn’t part of my friends’ rental rituals.

    Speaking of friends, when I was in middle school and lower grades in high school, one of my best friends was a tough guy. I avoided a lot of what Rob had to endure because of it. It was kind of like having a gunslinger for a friend. By the time I got later in high school I was working as a stockman at Wal-Mart on the side, and was big enough that few tried to mess with me. I didn’t wear my geekdom on my sleeve much, but I didn’t hide it either. I always hate to hear about folks having such horrible experiences, but I’m glad you told that jock off, and it worked in your favor, Rob.

    I think Mark Harmon voiced Superman on Crisis on Two Earths. Kyle McLachlan was Supes in New Frontier, if memory serves.

    Despite me not remembering the movie very well, I really enjoyed the entire show, so that says a lot for the Kelly/DAG chemistry. Keep ’em coming.


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