Film & Water #107 – The Hitch-Hiker


Episode 107: THE HITCH-HIKER

Rob welcomes back Michael Kronenberg to discuss the 1953 film noir classic THE HITCH-HIKER, directed by Ida Lupino!

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6 responses to “Film & Water #107 – The Hitch-Hiker

  1. Well, I know what I’m searching for on YouTube later! Great episode guys. And I was thinking of The Doors song before Michael mentioned it.

    I’m always fascinated by these stories of real people brushing up against serial killers and escaped cons, partially because my mom had a run in with a serial killer at the Hallmark shop she managed. I’ll have to tell that story some day on a podcast.

    Funny you should mention Gilligan’s Island, Rob, because I just caught her name in the credits a few months back. Of course, for years I associated Lupino with her guest-spot on Batman as Dr. Cassandra.

    Speaking of Batman, several episodes of that series were directed by George Waggoner, who directed The Wolf Man and produced many other Universal Horrors. I think many directors, like actors of the era, just eventually made their way to television for more steady “jobber” work.


  2. i am going to have to catch this one the next time it pops up on TCM. If you like gritty crime thrillers may I suggest DYING ROOM ONLY a 1973 starring Cloris Leachman, Dabney Colman, Ned Beatty, & Ross Martin. It was written by Richard Matheson (I am Legend, Twilight Zone, Night Stalker)

    Leachman & Coleman play a married couple who stop at an Arizona diner. When the husband never returns from the restroom, his wife begins to suspect foul play from the hostile/shady townspeople. I saw it as a little kid and never forgot it! It’s available via the Warner DVD archive:

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