Film & Water #115 – Orson Welles and The Other Side of the Wind



Rob welcomes Josh Karp, author of ORSON WELLES'S LAST MOVIE: THE MAKING OF THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, to discuss the making of Orson Welles's last, and still-unfinished, film.

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8 responses to “Film & Water #115 – Orson Welles and The Other Side of the Wind

  1. Fascinating subject Rob. I’ll be honest, my take on Orson Welles as a kid was the big guy who pitched wine and showed up in movies as a big shot everyone was wowed by (like at the end of The Muppet Movie). It was years before I figured out he was a big deal for a REASON.

    Netflix stepping in to see this finished is something else. Are they the biggest player in Hollywood nowadays? Maybe only behind Disney?

    Very engaging episode, and Mr. Karp was a great guest!


  2. Thanks for listening Chris. I’m such a Welles fan, I would love to do an episode on his career, just a big overview of his work as director and actor so younger people could get a better understanding why, as you say, he was such a big deal!

  3. Like many around our age, Welles was that guy who was the butt of fat jokes.

    Only later, when I became a film fan did I discover his stuff. I didn’t know much about ‘Other Side’ so I really appreciate this show.

    And Rob, not to,invite myself, but I’ll talk Ambersons, Stranger, Lady from Shanghai, Macbeth, Touch of Evil, etc …

    Even Transformers!

  4. I do hope that Netflix finally gets it done. However, I would guess that it will do little to alter Welles’ legacy. What I wish is that someone will find that lost footage from Magnificent Ambersons so we could finally see it as Welles intended. I know that won’t happen but one can dream. Hell, I would like to see someone do a shot for shot remake of his Ambersons script.

    FYI: For those who have not seen this clip below. This is Welles’ final interview on the Mike Douglas Show (10/9/85). He died the following morning at his home.

      1. Since you guys were commenting on Welles’ profligate spending habits, you may want to check out this clip from Mel Brooks. He paid Orson $25,000 to do the narration for History of the World, Pt. 1

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