Film & Water #122 – The Star Wars Saga



On the eve of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, Rob welcomes back podcaster extraordinaire Crystal Beth (THE FIFTH ELEMINUTE) to discuss the Star Wars Saga--what it is, what it was, and where it might be going next.

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12 responses to “Film & Water #122 – The Star Wars Saga

  1. Great episode. Very refreshing to hear from a younger person who isn’t bitter about the prequels but who actually does love all of Star Wars. I try to temper my feelings since my kids don’t seem to differentiate as much between the original trilogy and prequels either, but even they prefer the first three. And of course as I have often stated, my daughter Dani is a HUGE Rey fan. Somewhat worried about what is going to happen in Last Jedi honestly. Beth might not be the only kid sent to therapy thanks to Star Wars!

    I’m stoked for an Obi-Wan film. I can totally see Ewan McGregor in a space spaghetti western. Ben Kenobi as the Man with No Name. It almost writes itself. It could show his first trek into Mos Eisley.

    Han Solo…not sure about that one. I’ll reserve judgement until I see a trailer. The director switch-up didn’t help, although I trust Ron Howard to make a good film.


    1. Dial it back, CFranks. You mean these are kids’ movies? You mean the target audience for these movies are the junior set?

      Love your love, that’s what I always say. Not every Queen album is great, but I’ll cut a motherfucker who says otherwise.

      That said, there’s only 2.5 good films in the series.

  2. Although I don’t share it, I have to admire Crystal’s enthusiasm. I truly hope she never becomes jaded about the stuff she loves.

  3. It was great to hear Beth back on the show again, and to get her perspective on Star Wars. The original trilogy will always be my favorite part of the saga, because that’s the Star Wars of my childhood. At the same time, I’m not as hard on the prequels as many other fans of my generation seem to be, and genuinely enjoy rewatching those films, despite their shortcomings.

    Similar to Chris, I’ve found it really interesting to experience Star Wars again through my daughter’s eyes, as she also tends to see the first six movies as being of a single piece. She recently announced to me that Ahsoka Tano, from the Clone Wars animated series, is her favorite Star Wars character. This isn’t a knock against Princess Leia, but I think it’s great that my daughter now has more than one strong female character to choose from.

    As far as future Star Wars movies go, I’d be on board for a Wedge Antilles story. I actually retconned him as one of my favorite characters from my childhood. When I played Star Wars with my friends during recess, they would claim all the big name characters, and I would often end up playing as a generic starfighter pilot. A few years later, when I was able to watch the movies again on VHS (and what a glorious time that was), I realized that one of those generic pilots actually appeared in all three films. Naturally, I retconned that I had been playing as Wedge back in those days on the school playground.

  4. I agree that Yoda’s fighting style is done badly but not because of the jumping around, but because the jumping around is not used to any advantage. With sword fighting Yoda’s disadvantage is his short reach, but his advantage is also his short reach. If you fighting someone who has a longer reach than you with a sword you either want to forget about the kill shots and go for working your way in (starting with the hands and feet) and weakening them the whole time or you want to get inside their reach (it is much harder to shorten your attack then extend). So the problem with his jumping around is that it serves no purpose. When ever he jumps instead of using it to get inside he jumps in a manner that just keeps him at the same distance or it takes him further away and thus gives the other person the reach advantage.

    But I have the problem where most sword fight I watch (in movies, or tv) I have to laugh at because they are just so bad.

  5. Crystal’s love was so infectious, I almost started crying myself. Strong in the Force, she is.

    I also fall into the original trilogy camp, but must admit, I think the prequels are a fine way to introduce Star Wars to young people. The pacing is a little closer to what they expect from movies and TV nowadays. So yeah, my true love is the originals, but I can see the prequels as agh-gahk-kkkkkkkkkkk…

    (i didn’t know Rob could Force-choke through the comments.)

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