Film & Water #126 – Lost in America


Episode 126; LOST IN AMERICA

Rob welcomes back Max Romero to discuss Albert Brooks' 1985 comedy classic LOST IN AMERICA. Recorded from Las Vegas, A Christmas Place To Be!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #126 – Lost in America

  1. Glad you highlighted just how good & underrated Julie Hagerty is in this film. I wish she had a more extensive film career. By sheer chance I just re-watched her in Woody Allen’s Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982) and she really shines in it as the amorous Nurse Dulcey.

  2. I have seen all of Brooks movies but only once. I find them often cringe-worthy and uncomfortable to watch. I suppose that is his goal. But I don’t need to experience it twice. For the same reason, I could never watch The Office.

    I saw this as a teenager and even then I thought the idea of him quitting his job was nuts, let alone heading out on the road. I was brought up in a time where it was drilled into me that financial security of your family was the primary goal of the ‘bread winner’, even if that meant doing something you hate. Caring for your family was paramount, even more than personal goals.

    Anyways, I wonder if it is time to revisit these.

  3. Rob and Max,
    Great episode! I love Brooks, and, after Broadcast News, Lost in America is my favorite.

    I particularly liked Rob’s focus on Brooks’ balance of his characters’ nebbish and angry qualities. I’m Jewish, so that nebbish humor appeals to me (because it reminds me of myself and a lot of people I know and love), but I don’t like when it is equated to weakness. While I love some of the work of Woody Allen (though I have trouble with the man himself), he leans into that anxious persona so heavily that it becomes buffoonish. Brooks does a better job of being the guy who will dive curly head first into an anxiety spiral, but will come out swinging if you piss him off during it.

    I love that you are focusing on his films. Keep up the great work!

    Sean Ross

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