Film & Water #127 – Severance Cinema



Rob does a quick tour of all the movies he watched during his week-long vacation!

Films discussed:

  • Apache Drums
  • The Curse of the Werewolf
  • Come Fly With Me
  • The Alphabet Murders
  • The Satan Bug
  • Saturn 3
  • The Night of the Shooting Stars
  • Free Fire
  • Angel Face
  • Nightmares aka Stage Fright
  • Reds

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6 responses to “Film & Water #127 – Severance Cinema

  1. Congrats on the new job! FYI: There is a short HBO documentary on Dolores Hart called “God is Bigger Than Elvis” (2011). Hart was the 1st actress to give Elvis an on-screen kiss. Who kissed EP off-screen is another story.

    The doc can be viewed on Youtube, It was nominated for an Academy Award and Hart attended the Oscars that year. The most touching portion of the film is Hart’s continuing relationship with her former finance Don Robinson. He visited her once a year at the abbey until his death. There is a touching 2004 NYT article on their lives titled “And so, He Did Not Marry.” That’s also online and highly recommended.

  2. Fun show, Rob. I haven’t seen any of these outside of Curse of the Werewolf of course. I agree Curse is a bit saggy. I personally think the beginning with the beggar and marquis goes on too long, but either way, not enough Reed or werewolf. Still a personal Hammer favorite, but it’s kind of aggravating that’s all we got. Another, smaller British studio, Tyburn made a werewolf film with many Hammer trappings; Peter Cushing, direction by Freddie Francis, and a makeup design heavily borrowed from Curse. Not nearly as polished as the Hammer effort, but worth checking out.

    I haven’t had a “movie day” in a long time. Usually those happen when I happen to have some kind of viral bug that keeps me home from work, but not sick enough that I can’t sit on the couch and marathon a movie. I usually go into Hammer mode. 😉

    Good luck on the new job!


  3. Saturn 3, bro. Oy. I will say this, this was a stable renter back in the videostore days. Do you remember a book called the Bare Facts? It was the paper version of Mr Skin. Anyway, there were dudes that would come in with the book, pull suggested movies, then bring them back later that day. Saturn 3 was a big get for these guys. But the joke was on them because the scenes in question were so worn out by repeated viewing we had to splice the tape back together.

    And that end song…why, Rob? Why? What did we do to you to deserve that? “Take this job and shove it” would have been more acceptable – AND a movie tie in.

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