Film & Water #128 – Stanley & Livingstone



It's a movie podcast crossover! Rob welcomes back Paul Spataro (IS IT JAWS?) to discuss the first of two classics starring the legendary Spencer Tracy: 1939's STANLEY AND LIVINGSTONE! Check out IS IT JAWS? over on The Two True Freaks Network for Part 2!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #128 – Stanley & Livingstone

  1. Fun episode guys. Always a pleasure to hear Paul. Which reminds me I’m behind on my Back to the Bins and Is It Jaws, so I now know what my “listen while you work” schedule will be today!

    My ears perked up when I heard Henry Hull and Cedric Hardwicke, as those two were of course in some of the Universal Horror Classics. And of course Tracy played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well! I know these actors would probably cringe at being remembered by me primarily for those roles, but hey…it’s my jam.

    Spencer Tracy as Ben Grimm…now there’s some casting!


  2. I only just recently discovered Bad Day at Black Rock on TCM, and I was mesmerized. Looking forward to Is It Jaws’ rendition. I have not yet tracked down Stanley and Linvingstone, but I certainly will not pass it. About the time Livingstone “disappeared”, one of his British colleagues, Thomas Blakiston, visited my area of Canada, that was a prairie wilderness at the time, and he named a section of the Rocky Mountains as “the Livingstone Range.” It’s a very notable landmark now, and I see it on my morning commute every morning. The connective footprints that this era of colonial explorers left globally are astounding.

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