Film & Water #129 – Six Pack


Episode 129 - SIX PACK

Rob welcomes back David "Ace" Gutierrez to see if love can turn around their opinion of the 1982 family comedy SIX PACK, starring Kenny Rogers!

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25 responses to “Film & Water #129 – Six Pack

  1. I am fascinated by this idea of a series of musicians in film and what appears on the shortlist:

    Fastest Guitar Alive?
    9 to 5?
    Jazz Singer?


    1. I’ve never seen it myself and only heard of it. It definitely seems like something they could get mileage out. I can’t imagine they would find a lot to talk about with on something like FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE with Johnny Cash, JAZZ SINGER though just shouts mess.

  2. Robert you missed Sting in Dune
    David Bowe in Man Who Fell to Earth
    Gene Simmons in Runaway
    Mick Jagger in Freejack

    Also didn’t think anyone remembers this film. It’s not great but not offensive. Watched it a lot during Summer on cable on HBO back in the day when I was a kid. Mostly for Erin Grey.

    1. I’m pretty sure we are just tapping what’s out there. I was trying to go with just a couple of the odd ones. Bowie’s could probably be condensed into a single episode but I’ve never seen RUNAWAY, DUNE or FREEJACK.

      1. We’ll get further in depth, I’m sure. Thanks for checking out the show. I wasn’t sure about the topic, but I’m glad the response seems so positive.

  3. Okay, I already aired my grievance about this movie being covered before Smokey and the Bandit on the Facebook page, but then you admit this was Burt Reynolds’ leftovers in the episode itself. Sigh.

    Anyway, I vaguely recall this movie. It’s amazing how “family” movies worked back then. An underage girl coming onto a man in his 30s as a plot device in a family flick? You’re not going to see that on the Disney Channel these days. Different times.

    Speaking of which, yes, there was a LOT of country crossing over into pop back in the early 80s. The Clash shared air space with Ronnie Milsap. Kenny Rogers was omnipresent. And I honestly think the ladies dug him, Rob. He was that combination of sensitive and rugged which seemed to be in at the time. But some of Erin Gray’s inability to control herself may have come from the Reynolds’ version of the script. And please, don’t say “bang” in that context ever again.

    I believe Kenny Rogers’ early band DAG was trying to think of was The New Addition. Kenny Rogers also helped get Don Henley a recording carreer, so as a huge Eagles fan, I have to give him credit for that as well. I know David is rolling his eyes.

    This was a fun episode, listening to David try and defend this to Rob. I have no problem with films like this, myself. They exist to entertain and distract, and it sounds like it did. Of course it distracted from Smokey and the Bandit, too…

    Oh, and those Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants were actually pretty good!


    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I really enjoyed one of those Gambler movies. All of them were decent, but one of the later ones, (maybe the last one?) guest-starred just about every classic TV western character ever, played by the original actor. It was like Crisis on Infinite Westerns.


      1. Smokey & the Bandit is a dad-blamed classic! I can’t same the same for the sequels, but the first on is rip-roaring fun at its best. Jackie Gleason steals every scene.

        How about a look at films with singers who could actually act?:

        Frank Sinatra
        Doris Day
        Barbra Streisand
        Bette Midler
        Mark Wahlberg

        I recently saw Justin Timberlake in “Wonder Wheel” and he holds his own up against Kate Winslet.

        Where does Bob Dylan fall on the acting scale?

        1. Charles Coletta,

          As Rob said in this episode, Bob Dylan is not an actor. I’ve only seen HEARTS but the trailer for MASKED AND ANONYMOUS makes it look the same, Bob is very awkward and wooden in films.

    2. Okay, CFranks.

      The Burt Reynolds fascination has always eluded me. Even on a kitsch level, I just don’t get it. I think I’ve told Rob I’m down with it if he ever decides to tackle the Smokey movies, but that it probably wouldn’t be a lovefest. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t be fair, but I don’t think my lack of familiarity with all things Reynolds jibes well with the show’s overall tenor.

      K-Rog and The First Addition! It was just at the tip of my tongue and I didn’t want to break the conversation’s flow by looking it up . And for some reason, I keep wanting to say New Power Edition, but Kenny is pretty far removed from Prince.

      I don’t begrudge K-Rog for helping out Henley. That’s what Texans do for one another! K-Rog had no idea the horror he was helping to unleash. Does that make him complicit in crimes against humanity? Maybe . But again, not his fault.

      1. Re: Henley, that’s what I like about you David. You’re steadfast in your wrongheadedness. Good on you.

        As for Burt, all kidding aside, I really only love Smokey and the Bandit. I like him well enough as a movie star in other films, but I just love that movie. I liked it as a kid, but it took on new life for me and my college roommates when one of them brought the VHS to campus, and we watched it religiously. And quoted it, religiously.

        I honestly don’t like the sequels. I think they are some of the worst sequels ever made to a good original film. The third one couldn’t even decide what it wanted to be without the star.


  4. I haven’t even listened to the episode yet but have to express my amazement that this is being covered. I had completely forgotten this existed until I saw the post, but then vague memories came back. But the key word is vague. I know I saw it…did I like it? I guess I didn’t loathe it since I watched it enough to remember. Unless I found it fascinating out of sheer bizarreness even at a young age. Kenny was the man at the time after all. Ah, well whatever, I will actually listen tomorrow, but since this was such a unique choice I had to at least comment on my gut feeling a little before I heard the episode.

    1. One of the reasons I love the show so much is because Rob’s willing to go outside the usual choices for reviews and cover the more obscure or forgotten feature. Who hasn’t covered Indiana Jones a million times? Or Star Wars? But I appreciate that we’ll get a show on Friday Foster or Joe Vs the Volcano (which I’m still sore about not being on).

  5. I had no interest in seeing this movie.

    Then I heard “Erin Gray flashes these bedroom eyes and sucks on his fingers”.
    Now I am ordering it on Amazon.

    Of all the shows on this feed, who thought that the Sixpack episode of Film and Water would lead me down an Irredeemable path! Like many in our age bracket, Erin Gray holds a very very very very special place in my heart.

    For next Diane Lane episode, I demand ‘Streets of Fire’. Nothing says ‘great movie’ like a young Willem Dafoe in leather overalls having a sledge hammer fight in the streets with Michael Pare!

      1. There have been talks of a Lane-a-thon! Just with myself, I’ve not mentioned it to Rob yet. But Lady Beware, Knight Moves, and Judge Dredd have been discussed (again just with myself). Also, Rob mentioned she played Superman’s mom in a movie that wasn’t Justice League, but I don’t know what he’s talking about… I have a blu-ray that just forwards to parts of movie that introduced Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Is that the one?

          1. Lonesome Dove would take weeks! I don’t have the energy to do what you guys are doing on Superman Minute.

            Unless it was Highlander minute….

  6. Saw this in the theater, but hadn’t thought about it in over 30 years. Thanks, Rob.

    My mom had a thing for Kenny Rogers, so I wound up seeing just about every KR thing until I joined the Air Force.

    Didn’t KR get his start with the New Christy Minstrels?

    And while the KR chicken chain was good, it became infamous due to that Seinfeld episode where Kramer got addicted to it.

  7. “His fingers tasted like roasted chicken!”

    I genuinely laughed out loud at that… at work. Now I’m the new Weird Guy in the office; an incredible feat considering this company is full of engineers.

  8. Well, this sounds worth a watch, if only to see lust for Kenny Rogers (who I’ve only just realised isn’t the guy from Grizzly Addams). It’s weird it think this was sold as a family comedy but has a 17-year-old girl trying to seduce an older man.

    Fun episode!

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