Film & Water #156 – The Other Cinderella



Rob welcomes returning guests Dan Budnik and Sarah Jane to join him in the back of the video store to discuss the soft-core comedy/musical CINDERELLA (aka THE OTHER CINDERELLA), starring Rainbeaux Smith! This episode definitely NSFW!

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12 responses to “Film & Water #156 – The Other Cinderella

  1. If this is the version I remember seeing in the late 1980s, the only thing I remember about it was the corncob vibrators and the “snapper”.

    1. In the previous Orson Welles episode, Rob said he hadn’t seen 3AM but I know that he inability to find it no longer exists. I want to hear his thoughts on that one!

  2. This movie has another connection with a show on our network. Michael Pataki also played the Klingon who starts the fight in “The Trouble with Tribbles” by dissing the Enterprise in front of Scotty! He was a much better Klingon than Willaim Capmpbell in that episode, in my opinion. I believe he was in “Dracula’s Dog” as well.

    I MAY have seen this movie. Some of the things you discussed rang a bell with me. Probably rented from that ONE video store that should have known better than to let a group of 11 year old boys walk out with “Non-Rated” smut. But I thank him for it, retroactively! 😉

    Fun show, with great guests!


  3. On the topic of erotica in general, one day I’ll get confirmation on long-held beliefs (that date to my late teens, so who knows, right?) that the only Emmanuelle worth its salt is the original.

  4. As someone who used to run a highly-theoretically “weekly” feature on the Emmanuelle Extended Universe (enthusiastically Black Emanuelle-inclusive,) I figure there’s a fair bit more shaking salt worth valuating. If I said Emmanuelle 6 was my favorite, you’d read through the lines of my fingers to know I meant that was the only one I had taped off cable at it’s most (again) “valuable” time in my life. Laura Gemser is still my favorite (even if “unofficial”) Emmanuelle.

    I tried to watch Cinderella and only made it halfway through (and pretty promptly in the background) before giving up. The opening number sampled at the podcast’s close was pretty good, but everything else I heard made me wish I was sampling the Grease 2 soundtrack again.

    There was a revival of high production value porn & erotic musicals in the years I was working at the sex shop. They sometimes included bonus CDs that we’d drop into the carousel that played over the speakers throughout the joint. I recall Rawhide (2003) and the remake of Misty Beethoven being highlights. Which one featured Randy Spears’ animated singing penis I can’t recall.

    This may be higher end (*ahem*) than Rob meant, but I think Henry & June and Lucía y el sexo are legitimately good-to-great softcore movies. On a firmer exploitation tip, Two Moon Junction (with Burl Ives!), plus my boy Mr. Fixit has a not-so-soft spot for the Tinto Brass oeuvre. I’m excluding erotic thrillers and sex comedies, which would be a lot to address.

  5. I’ve never heard of this movie. I’ve never heard of any of the other 200 films Dan referenced. Has he left his house in the last 35 years? He watches a LOT of video.

  6. I saw Cinderella on Joe Bob’s Drive In Theatre back in the early 90s. I think he may have shown the version you guys were talking about being on Amazon Prime. For some reason, I recall a bizarre skip in the music when the Farmer’s two daughters were kissing each other and the scene ending abruptly.

    There was a lot more to say about Cinderella, I think, but you guys may have turned this into a B-movies greatest hits since you weren’t planning on covering any more of these type films. I really hope that isn’t the case, because I loved this episode and I hope more B-movies are to come on the show. The episode was really a lot of fun!

    Other than Rainbeaux Smith, I don’t remember what any of the other women in Cinderella looked like, so I guess they didn’t make an impression on me. However, in general, I thought in the 70s and 80s, B-movie actresses were more much more beautiful than their mainstream counterparts. Since other commenters have already mentioned her, Laura Gemser was more beautiful than 99% of the mainstream actresses of the 70s. I know some people said Laura needed to eat a sandwich but I liked her.

    One other suggestion: Why not cover Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama? For me, it is the ultimate nerd-wish-fullfillment movie?

    1. Spider in SORORITY BABES is simply the best role Linnea Quigley ever had. NIGHTMARE SISTERS is another favorite with how much fun the women are have playing the oddball opposites of their usual sex icons and I adore hoe Linnea plays the nerd but Spider will always be one I associate the most with her.

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