Film & Water #161 – Spy Smasher


Episode 161 - SPY SMASHER

Rob welcomes back podcaster Michael Lane to discuss the slam-bang, rock 'em-sock 'em 1942 movie serial SPY SMASHER!

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9 responses to “Film & Water #161 – Spy Smasher

  1. Fun show! I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen this in its entirety. Well honestly, I’ve just seen some clips. I’m off to YouTube to fix that problem tonight. I have heard nothing but great things about it.

    Another comic hero connection. If Ralph Byrd is seen… he also played DC’s The Vigilante in a movie serial!

    Also, I think I read that when DC used Spy Smasher and the other, non-Shazam Fawcett Heroes in those JLA issues in the 70s…they didn’t have the right to use them! Apparently someone misunderstood the contracts and they used them there (and I think maybe Minute Man or Bullet Man in another 70s comic?), but they didn’t get the rights worked out until DC bought Fawcett’s characters outright in the late 80s/early 90s. Hence Ordway and JLU getting to use Spy Smasher.


    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, SS is a lot of fun. Of all the serials starring characters that couldn’t lean on super feats to thrill audiences, this one really delivers the goods, and ironically is the most comic accurate, at least compared to the Batman and Cap ones.

      I never knew that about DC not being able to use the other Fawcett characters and doing it anyway! Geez that makes that two-parter truly unique in the history of the company. A similar thing happened with James Bond at DC, didn’t anyone know how to read contracts back then?

  2. Great show, thanks chaps. I’ve heard of this but never seen it. YouTube, eh? I’m dying to see the restaurant fight scene, that big cliffhanger and how a typewriter gets you out of danger.

    Gail Simone gave us a legacy Spy Smasher in Birds of Prey, Katarina Armstrong. She was kinda cranky.

    On the subject of great actor names, I was at this year’s Hippodrome Silent Film Festival, watching the excellent 1927 version of Hindle Wakes and came across one Humberstone Wright. Blimey!

  3. Impressive pod cast. Most impressive. I saw his bit on JLU it was pretty cool. Never saw the seral. But, sounds cool. Oh ya’ll forgot one thing. There was a woman that was a Spy Master that controlled the BOP. Till Barba beat the snot out of her and severed ties. The Caneray threatened to break every bone in her body if she messed with the Birds again…starting with her pinky toe. Yeah it was a Gal Samone run. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  4. Great show! I’m a fan of the Golden Age and Spy Smasher had the distinction of actually crossing over with Captain Marvel (and vice-versa some pages later), which just wasn’t done back then. First shared universe in superhero comics? Hmm…

    I totally want to see the serial now (maybe I can poke the Longbox Crusade guys into covering it and inviting me) and would love it if Rob and Michael dug up some other comic book serials in the future. Hop Harrigan? Blackhawk? Anyway, something with planes.

    1. The multi-issue crossover between Spy Smasher & Captain Marvel where SS was brainwashed was great. They shared several really nice covers on Whiz Comics too. (And I’d always be up for a Blackhawk discussion!)

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