Film & Water #163 – Adventures at The New Beverly Cinema



Live from a Los Angeles, California hotel room, Rob and returning guest Cory Drew talk about their adventures seeing movies at the New Beverly Cinema!

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10 responses to “Film & Water #163 – Adventures at The New Beverly Cinema

  1. Sounded like you guys had a blast! I wasn’t aware of the New Beverly, honestly, but now I want to check out that documentary.

    In nearby Lexington we have The Kentucky Theater, but it mostly shows new documentaries and arthouse films. Very few revivals. So nothing that I know of in my area. It seems the West Coast just has more of those versus the East. Sigh.


    1. Yes, it’s very frustrating. NJ is the most populace state in the union, my part is right across from Phila, but we have zero revival houses, and none of the megaplexes here (of which there are many) even devote a single screen to older films. So frustrating.

      The documentary, Out of Print, is very enjoyable, even if you never go to the New Bev.

  2. Fun show considering it was live from my own stomping ground! First of all, one can NEVER have too much of Natalie Wood in a bikini. And Trejo’s Tacos was a perfect compliment to a weekend at the New Beverly. Future note: when out of fish tacos, opt for the too-often misunderstood jackfruit tacos! And hopefully you managed to snag a “rocket shake” from Swingers diner. But your commentary perfectly and accurately captured the nostalgic joy of the New Beverly! Perhaps it’s a little less of a novelty for me cuz I live here, but I still try to make it at least once a year (I think my last one was a Burt Reynolds double feature). And you both nailed the whole “they know they’re cool but not dickish” vibe of the place. And as news just broke about the famous landmark Amoeba Records’ impending demolition, it kinda puts nostalgic landmark places like the New Beverly in a new light. So for anyone who hasn’t stood in line at midnight with a paper ticket to see a classic 35mm movie that you probably already own at home, please go check it out! The experience alone is worth it. Good job, boys!

    1. Thanks Neil! We didn’t get a chance to go to Amoeba, sadly, but we did pack a lot into three days. And Natalie Wood in a bikini is not an image that will leave my brain any time soon.

  3. Great show! I wasn’t mentioned once to my knowledge, so I give it a B-.

    MY questions on Rob’s LA trip:
    – Were there pretzels consumed?
    – Did WB give Rob the Key to the City for his work on keeping the Aquamania alive?
    – Did Rob cry a lot?

    Corey’s a good dude.

    1. We recorded all of this before our breakfast, so calm the F down.

      –Yes, I had a pretzel at the airport on Sunday. It was huge. It was quite good.

      –WB has never given AF about my efforts.

      –I cried when we touched back down in PA.

  4. Great show. I would love to have a revival theater near where I live. I stated that if I would win the lottery I would either buy or build a revival theater or a drive-in theater that would show old classic movies. Question what type of trailers dis they show before the movies? Were they older movies? Themed toward the main show? I hope you get to do the trip again. Thanks again.

    1. Danny-

      Yeah there were trailers. In front of B&C&T&A were other Paul Mazurksy films, in front of CACTUS FLOWER there was a Pete Smith short from the 1940s about marriage.

      Thanks for listening! I hope to make the trip a yearly event, at least.

  5. Enjoyed hearing your guys’ experiences at The New Beverly. Sounds like a landmark of a place. Gotta check out that doc about it and maybe get there someday. Thanks for the rec! My favorite scene in IB is the intro which is gripping. I’ve haven’t seen the other 3 you saw but am intrigued.

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