Film & Water #166 – Halloween Horror Drive-In Double Feature


Episode 166 - Halloween Horror Drive-In Double Feature

The Film and Water Podcast is back, just in time for Halloween! Rob and fellow network all-star Max Romero discuss two "B"-movie horror drive-in classics, 1974's IT'S ALIVE, followed by 1973's INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS! Park your car, roll down your window, and have a listen!

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6 responses to “Film & Water #166 – Halloween Horror Drive-In Double Feature

  1. Wow, what a fun show guys! And while I don’t think Cindy would be too interested in “It’s Alive”, I think she would be down for “Invasion of the Bee Girls”, just because it’s women killing stupid men, and we know she likes that!

    And YES! to Anitra Ford! Cindy and I said the same thing about her as Wonder Woman when we covered that film with Gene Hendricks. If she’s in this, I need to seek this out!

    I haven’t seen either of these, but now I really want to! Off to Amazon and YouTube!

    Oh, and Rob, don’t feel bad. The same thing happened to me the last time we went to the drive-in. And it happened to several people. There were no shortage of kind folks there to help everyone with a jumpstart, though. Very reaffirming in regards to human kindness. Next time I’m bring a portable radio!


    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, Anitra Ford was born to be Wonder Woman. To have her IN a WW movie and NOT be the title character seems particularly cruel, in multiple ways.

      Glad to know we were not the only people to whom the drive-in thing has happened to. We felt so dumb.

  2. I know that Thalidomide was still on people’s minds in the mid to late 70’s, because my parents told me that they were desperate to check my sister and I when we were born to make sure that there were no physical issues. It was just ingrained by that point, I guess.

    Let’s see now, Frankenstein Island … that rings a bell.

    That’s because it was a RiffTrax that we watched via Amazon (it was free at the time). I can guarantee that it would be unendurable without the riffs. Although, it was nice to see that John Carradine was getting work.

  3. First off, don’t diss on movies where nothing guys get with hot girls. Dude, that is the dream! If we have to die to get with them, well, hey, that’s a small enough price to pay!

    Ok, on to more serious matters, Anitra Ford was also in Andy Sidaris’s first fictional film, Stacey. I don’t think that one has been on any home video medium since VHS. The Sidaris family doesn’t own it. Anitra didn’t play the lead in that, either.

    I think that Lynda Carter auditioned for that Wonder Woman TV movie where Cathy Lee Crosby played WW. Not to be contrary, but if there ever was an actress born to be WW, it was Lynda Carter. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate Anitra Ford, but wouldn’t Carter vs Ford (Lynda Vs Anitra, not Jimmy vs Gerald) have been more fun that Crosby vs Ford?

    Oh, and as probably the only commenter on the board who has seen more than one Denis Sanders movie: I think he often had a hard time keeping his concentration on what it should have been on. He directed the concert documentary Elvis : That’s the Way It Is. So much of the movie is devoted to fan interviews, some of which are weird, especially the lady telling us how much her cat enjoys the Vegas album. Years later, a VHS tape with unreleased concert footage of Elvis filmed for the movie came out and I wondered, “Sanders had all this great concert footage and decided to concentrate on fan interviews.” The movie was later re-edited with more concert footage, but some of the original concert footage removed, so that movie is still never as good as it could have been. BTW, the concert footage was shot in 1970, when Elvis was really at the top of his game.

    That said, I did enjoy Invasion of the Bee Girls. I first discovered on one of those public domain DVD sets. Thanks for covering it and I hope you’ll cover more cult films.

  4. What a great discussion! I always like to hear Max on the ‘casts! I have nothing to add regarding these pictures, as I haven’t seen them, but you did get me remembering goin to the Drive- In! I’m sure my Mom took me and my two sister to a Charlie Brown movie (Snoopy Come Home?) at a Drive-In. I saw “Midway” with some friends from my neighborhood, and I and some high school buddies saw “Stripes.” But, my fondest memory is going to see “Rabbit Test” with a girl and her friends. We had a nice time not watching the first feature that night!
    There was also, in those bygone days, a Drive-In movie two towns over that showed X-rated movies only. We all called it “The Flicks.” It was a particular rite of passage to finally be of age to get in a carload of guys and finally go see “The Flicks!” Much like the curiosity of driving by a traffic accident, one wants to see what happened, and then realizing nothing is going to change, get going to someplace else.
    Both of those screens are long gone. The former site is large car dealership, and I think the latter is an office park. Here in the Bay State there are at least two Drive-In theaters still in operation! One is on Cape Cod, and the other is a 90 minute drive from my house, so I haven’t been to either!

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