Film & Water #167 – Transformers Audio Commentary


PATREON PICK! Episode 167 - Transformers Audio Commentary

Because you demanded it! In this Patreon-inspired episode, Rob and fellow network all-star Ryan Daly do an audio commentary for Michael Bay's 2007 masterpiece TRANSFORMERS!

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14 responses to “Film & Water #167 – Transformers Audio Commentary

  1. Man, is this episode wonderful! At times, Ryan explaining the Transformers to Rob is like when I try to set up a skype call with my dad. But more like this, please. Unlike that shoddy Ed Wood commentary that barely discussed the movie (who was that shitty cohost?), this one actually sticks to the script!

    I think you should tackle all 6 of these movies? How much will that cost?

    In praise of Michael Bay, Bad Boys 1, The Rock, and Pain & Gain are GREAT Bay flicks.

    1. Y’know, taking into account Michael Bay’s proclivities, his mad-on for military hardware and action, his sensibilities, and his eye for photographic shots… If I was going to assign Bay to direct any superhero/comic book property, I would put him on Rob’s beloved BLACKHAWKS.

  2. Hey, another Prowl fan! He was my favorite Autobot, when I watched the original animated series as a kid.

    I saw both this and the second Transformers movie in the theater, but gave up on the series after that. My big frustration with these films, particularly the second one, was that, apart from a few key characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, I couldn’t tell the Transformers apart from each other, when they were in robot mode. I couldn’t tell the good guys form the bad, or even if I was seeing a new robot or one that had already appeared earlier in the movie. All that being said, I actually did enjoy this first Transformers movie.

    Thanks for the great commentary.

    1. That was main problem too, Brian. Prime and Bumblebee are about the only Autobots I can identify by a glance, and don’t get me started on how much Megatron and Starscream look alike.


  3. Well, I’m glad I bailed on that…because you guys did a bang up job, and you didn’t need me as a third wheel!

    I enjoyed this movie well enough when it came out. I took Andrew to see it, and minus a few instances of language and some violence, didn’t squirm too much. The sequel though…whoa, Sam and that girl at college who ends up being Ravage…this was in a movie based on a KIDS’ TOYLINE?!?

    But I digress, because the sequel is indeed horrible. My main gripe with this one, in addition to the robots all looking similar, is that I really had a hard time getting past their “shredded aluminum” look. To me, the G1 Transformer cartoon designs are perfect, and while I admit they would have to update the aesthetic some, it’s are a much better place to start than what they used here. Bumblebee balanced the Bey and the G1 look perfectly. And I highly recommend that one. The best of the lot by a wide margin, even though this one is enjoyable.

    I was kind of hoping just maybe they would reveal our military heroes were reassigned to their own highly-trained special missions force, and given new codenames to become the founders of…G.I. Joe. Why not?

    Again, great show guys. I’m so glad you enjoyed this more than you expected Rob. Despite the looming dread, you two flew the “Find Your Joy” flag high. Till all are one!


    1. I forgot to mention my thoughts on Shia LeBoeuf. We watched A LOT of Disney Channel when our kids were little, and Shia got his start on a series called Even Stevens, where he was the co-lead, playing the quirky middle sibling of three kids. He did seem to have that “it” factor, and Disney quickly realized it, featuring him in a movie called “Holes” based on a popular tween/young adult novel. Not a bad movie, and not a bad performance. I think he’s a decent actor, but clearly has some issues and I don’t think the instant fame and high profile films he was instantly thrust in did him any favors. It was kind of weird to watch him go from above-average kid actor to self-destructive adult in such a short amount of time, in such a visible way.


  4. A thoroughly enjoyable episode!
    It’s not just you, Rob. My podcast player crashed just as you were about to start so it didn’t want to watch the movie, either. Luckily(?), I got it started up again to hear the whole episode.
    Having seen this movie around the time it came out, I thought it was a standard “entertaining but I’ll never watch again” movie. Maybe it was also my same reaction as Ryan’s, “it’s not my Transformers, but that’s okay.”. The only thing I really remember is my genuine enjoyment of hearing Peter Cullen again and the movie using Megan Fox as a sex symbol in marketing. I totally agree that this movie did not need Shia LaBoeuf; Megan Fox would have been fine as the protagonist. But that is also one of my pet peeves as a movie goer, when they put in an unnecessary love story where it feels like the studio is worried people won’t want to see the film without two people hooking up. This one really felt like it was there as a lowest common denominator to get the most eyes on the movie. Or maybe it’s because I have a Grinch heart.
    Either way, the one thing that made my heart grow three sizes this day was this commentary so well done Rob and Ryan! Did this movie change your mind on the Transformers, Rob? Not in the sense that you suddenly are in love with Transformers but do you have a different view of the franchise now?
    Anyways, it was great to hear both of you at least enjoy the time together. Keep up the great work!

  5. I am glad that you didn’t hate the movie, Rob. Like Ryan, I can find things to defend in this movie, and I was entertained when I saw it in the theater. Yeah, there’s some cringe-worth stuff, but overall it’s a fun watch.

    I would say that you shouldn’t give away the blu-ray just yet, though. If you still have it, I’ll send you a copy of the RiffTrax commentary, so you can really enjoy it. 🙂

  6. I have never seen this film nor ever thought I would. Since Rob subjected himself however, I just watched the film cold, for the first time along with the commentary. I don’t think I can be classified as a fan of the film but the commentary was at least great.

    I hope more commentaries are forthcoming but not so much TRANSFORMERS.

  7. So late to this game. Just starting commentary, but according to comments, I feel like it will be good. I am a girl that grew up on the original Transformers cartoons and toys. I saw this in theaters and fangirled over Optimus and just seeing the Autobots and Deceptions larger than life. It was a little too long and could easily be edited down, but I do own it and watch it every now and then. I like the 3rd one because the storyline was sorta interesting. Paid like $3 for it. Worth the money. The 2nd one, watched it only once. Fell asleep trying to watch the 4th one, free from the library. Didn’t attempt to try to rewatch. Totally skipped 5th one. Enjoyed Bumblebee, free from library, but only watched once. I feel like I am done with this Bey franchise though

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