Film & Water #176 – Viva Video


Episode 176 - Viva Video

In this special episode, Rob talks with Miguel Gomez, the owner and operator of one of the last remaining video stores in America, Viva Video of Ardmore, PA! Be kind, please rewind!

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16 responses to “Film & Water #176 – Viva Video

  1. Great episode. I love that not only is Miguel making a go at keeping the video store alive, but is successful at it. Sounds like he has a great crew with a passion for film and sharing their exuberance.
    Yes, streaming is more convenient, but it’s not for everyone. Not everyone has access to or can afford a high speed internet connection. For several years my wife and I struggled to make ends meet. There just wasn’t any money for entertainment. We didn’t even have cable TV. So taking the 3 kids to the movies just wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, we had a video store nearby, and Friday nights was pizza, popcorn, and two rented movies.
    Viva Video!

      1. Thanks Matt! Yes, it was instructive to learn from Miguel about certain customers who don’t/can’t stream their entertainment, so a video store is vital.

        Good question about Loch Ness! I’ll have to visit the store again and find out!

      1. David Ace Gutierrez
        Thank you so much for the kind and generous offer. Fortunately we made it through the tough times, but I very much appreciate your generosity

  2. Cannot WAIT to listen to this episode, as a former video store employee and frequenter of the TLA in Ardmore…as well as Plastic Fantastic, a used record/video store that was only a few stores down from where Viva now stands! When I saw the address I had to look it up on Google Maps and, yes, my suspicions were correct! Many a day and night in the 90’s were spent haunting the dusty bins looking for albums and old VHS tapes, as an old sheepdog and it’s hippy owners milled about….ah, memories…..sadly, the store is long gone. Glad to know that Viva seems to be carrying on the tradition. Can’t wait to listen!

  3. Absolutely wonderful show, and a very informative conversation. It’s fascinating to hear about a video store that’s still operating and how that’s even possible. I wish Miguel much success going forward.
    Otherwise, I don’t know if he will be reading this comment, but I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend that he check out Podcasta La Vista, Baby – provided that he’s not already a fan.

  4. Great episode! Very interesting to here how an honest-to-goodness video store is surviving and thriving today. We have one video rental location here in town, but it’s also a tanning salon and CBD store now. I think the only reason it’s still called “Movie Warehouse” is because “Movie, Tanning and CBD Warehouse” is a bit unwieldy.

    And much props to Miguel for loving Kindergarten Cops. That scene of Ah-nuld in bibbed overalls and straw hat singing “Old McDonald” may be the most charming scene in cinematic history.


  5. What a great episode, Rob! It was fun to hear Miguel talk about how a video store works in this day and age. To hear you both gush about movies and working in a video store was excellent.

    To me, I’ve always equated a video store with the old comic book spinner racks. There was the thrill of the hunt of finding oddball VHS covers on the shelves (Surf Nazis Must Die? What the?!?), the experience of trying something new you’ve never seen before and the comradery of finding someone else also looking in the same section and getting to talk about your passions. I loved the old video store that I used to frequent back in the ’90’s and, like Matt Sirois, it was definitely a treat to rent a couple of movies Friday night!

    I wish nothing but success for Miguel and I hope this brings back more video stores! Keep up the great work!

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