Film & Water #53 – Jane Eyre


Episode 53 - JANE EYRE

Rob welcomes podcaster extraordinaire Stella (BATGIRL TO ORACLE PODCAST) to discuss the 1943 adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's JANE EYRE, starring Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine!

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7 responses to “Film & Water #53 – Jane Eyre

  1. I’m an old English major so thanks for picking a film from classic lit! I just started listening so I cannot comment much as of yet. However, here is 1 item:

    Peggy Ann Garner appeared as an adult in 1 episode of Batman: “Ring Around the Riddler” which was Gorshin’s final appearance in the series & also introduced Joan Collins as The Siren. Garner played Betsy Boldface.

    Garner was awarded a special juvenile Oscar for “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” (1945). Her performance in that is most impressive and well worth checking out. I think they screened it at the TCM film fest this year.

    1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is excellent and captures the book fairly well (given the run time). I read the novel for an adolescent psychology class (picked it at random, for a paper analyzing the book, using the theories studied) and fell in love with it; one of the finest works in American literature. That’s a hard thing to live up to; but, the film does it.

    1. Hey, if we can ever convince Rob “I Hate Transformers” Kelly to the Transformers Animated movie, I want that one!

      (I did even mention it, admittedly in jest because I really didn’t think he’d ever do it, in an e-mail to him back when he started “Film and Water,” so I’ll even say I’ve got “dibs” for whatever it’s worth)

  2. I need to get Stella’s T-shirt size so I can send out her Fire & Water New Employee Care Package. Welcome aboard!

    I hate to admit I’m not overly familiar with the book and have never seen the movie, but you two have piqued my interest. This sounds like it’s approaching the gothic horror I so love.

    Speaking of which, yes Henry Daniel is indeed always a prick. And The Bodysnatcher is a masterpiece. Directed by a very young Robert Wise, and featuring Karloff’s best role. Yes, even better than the Frankenstein Monster!!!


  3. Joan Fontaine always has the doe eyed, quiet, meek feel to her performances. Whether it is Rebecca or Suspicion or this, there is never anything I could claim as feistiness.

    That’s not a complaint. I love Fontaine, especially in Rebecca.

    Add her pure glamour and this might not have been the right role for her.

  4. I wore a false nose especially to listen to this one…

    Great show, love this book, they made us study it at school and somehow that didn’t destroy it for me.

    Now I want you two to do the film of The Razor’s Edge, as you convinced me to buy it! Or perhaps you could do the movie of Maugham’s The Painted Veil, which is so wonderful.

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