Film & Water #70 – The Body Snatcher



To celebrate the birthday of Boris Karloff, Rob Kelly welcomes back Chris Franklin (SUPER MATES PODCAST) to talk about producer Val Lewton's first collaboration with Karloff, 1945's THE BODY SNATCHER!

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4 responses to “Film & Water #70 – The Body Snatcher

  1. This is a fave of mine for many reasons. Surprisingly, I didn’t realize this was a Lewton movie until I listened to this coverage. Now it makes so much sense! It does have that Val flair.

    For me, I love that this shows just how much docs back then had little but a solid knowledge of anatomy to help them. McFarlane can’t know how the spinal cord works, he just knows that maybe relieving some pressure of it will help. The fact that you needed bodies for a dr run is scary on its own.

    As you say, the only protagonist is the young doctor but he hardly shines. McFarlane is just the sort of haughty ‘God complex’ doc everyone loves to hate. And Karloff is chilling.

    That end scene of Karloff’s corpse in the carriage is truly horrifying. Nice scare that still rattles me.

    Thanks for covering this film, deserving of more love.

  2. When Robert Wise was awarded the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award the first person he mentioned in his acceptance speech was Val Lewton:

  3. John Landis’ Burke & Hare movie is worth seeing. It’s not historically accurate at all, but it’s a fun tale well told. It wasn’t well reviewed and I think it might be just because Landis’ making light of serious stuff (ala American Werewolf in London) just isn’t in fashion anymore. But for crying out loud it’s Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg as Victorian era murderers but funny.

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