Film & Water #78 – Nightmare Alley



Rob welcomes back blogger Martin Gray (Too Dangerous For A Girl) to discuss the gritty 1947 drama/film noir NIGHTMARE ALLEY, starring Tyrone Power, Colleen Gray, and Joan Blondell.

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6 responses to “Film & Water #78 – Nightmare Alley

  1. I kept thinking this sounded like somewhat less disturbing version of Freaks, and then you guys went there. Very interesting that Power got to make these films in the heyday of the studio system, where moguls wanted to keep their stars in their typed roles. If this comes up on TCM, I’m going to have to check it out.


  2. I have to say you piqued my interest. This sounds like a wonderfully insane and depressing story that sounds fascinating. Like Chris, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on TCM to see if it turns up.

    There is something about this movie being linked to The Razor’s Edge (a gut wrenching story to watch for the minor characters even if Powers arc is one of enlightenment) and Of Human Bondage (another story of a character’s life unraveling because of a relationship with a woman who he is obsessed with) that seems just perfect. But I don’t know if I could watch them back to back to back without losing all hope in humanity.

    And there is something about you guys reviewing this movie after reviewing ‘I was a fugitive from a chain gang’ that makes me think you need to talk about a comedy next time!

    1. So I should withdraw my requests for While the City Sleeps, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Scarlet Street, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, The Haunting…? How about Now Voyager, that’s cheery? Well, in parts.

        1. I’m not saying you can’t do more dark films (I love Scarlet Street and The Haunting) but maybe you need a palate cleanser after these two!

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