Film & Water #82 – Leave Her To Heaven



Rob welcomes back Dr. Anj to talk about the 1946 Technicolor noir LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN, starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, and Vincent Price!

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3 responses to “Film & Water #82 – Leave Her To Heaven

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this film. I too learned of it via the Scorsese documentary (which is excellent; as is its sequel on Italian movies). That death scene with the brother is only rivaled by a similar one in The Little Foxes where Bette Davis watches her invalid & wheelchair bound husband die as he struggles to reach his medicine.
    My favorite Gene Tierney movie is Otto Preminger’s Laura (also with Vincent Price) that uses her haunting beauty to great effect.

  2. Now, this movie I know of! I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw clips on an episode of horror host Dr. Gangrene’s “Fantastic Films of Vincent Price” film series (which I recommend for all classic horror fans, by the way). I remember being shocked by the scene with the brother, and the equally disturbing planned miscarriage scene. I really need to see this film! It was Fatal Attraction 4 decades earlier! Or Play Misty for Me 3 decades early!


  3. I got to see “The Razor’s Edge” after hearing about it here at F&WP. Here’s hoping I get to see “Leave Her to Heaven”.

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