Film & Water #92 – Logan’s Run


Episode 92; LOGAN'S RUN

Rob welcomes back Dan Greenfield to visit the 23rd Century and take a look at 1976's LOGAN'S RUN!

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17 responses to “Film & Water #92 – Logan’s Run

  1. Saw this at a cinema when I was about 12 in a double with Battlestar Galactica. Still can’t get my mind out of the Agutter.

  2. I guess I will continue to lovefest for Jenny Agutter. What street cred on all levels of Hollywood – Logan’s Run, American Werewolf in London, Equus, and Capt America Winter Soldier!

    I saw this first in my mid to late teens and didn’t think to much of it. I never could quite figure out the timeline. How could Ustinov remember everything but the land have gone fallow that much? After trying to do the complicated math or thinking up reasons why, I decided I would be better served thinking about Agutter more.

    Anyways, this movie became much more relevant to me once I passed 30 years of age myself. I have been ‘running’ for 16 years now.

  3. If you love Jenny Agutter (and who doesn’t?) check out WALKABOUT. It’s an excellent movie, and she’s the sole lead. She was 19 when she made it, though she’s playing younger. Felt a little weird about that, but I worked through it.

  4. Michael York was a pretty big movie star in the early 1970s after his turns in Romeo & Juliet, the 3 Musketeers films, & Orient Express ( loved Rob’s impression of Count Andrenyi). I hope F&W does an Orient Express episode when the remake opens late this year.

    PS: York does a guest voice on The Simpsons on 5/7.

  5. In regards to a remake of Logan’s Run, In Time with Justine Timberlake shares many themes and could be considered a remake.

  6. New listener – Russell Bragg turned me onto your show. Loved this episode! Ever think of doing one on Rollerball?

    If you did it already – please point me to it! 🙂

  7. One of my favorite memories about Logan’s Run is watching it with the sound down and doing voices and jokes with friends. They like to remind me about that.

    But the bit that most impacts my life is the Elliot quote about cats having several names. All my cats have multiple names, and the list is always growing as they are “discovered”.

    Logan’s Run is a great closer to the “apocalyptic/utopian” era of SF movie-making, and I still enjoy such tales more than the slam-bang space opera eye candy that followed it.

  8. I once saw a good out take from Logan’s Run.

    When Logan finds the berries growing on the vine and offers them to Jennifer, she pulls out a can of whipped cream and tops them off. Might be a good DVD extra!

  9. “…worked through it.”

    I cherry pick my Filmy Water listening, so this is my second straight episode of Rob Humors Someone Passionate About A Movie I Too Have An Interest In. Logan’s Run #1 was one of my earliest comics, given as a hand-me-down by my uncle. I’m not sure if my introduction to the story was there or the actual film (shown on the Channel 13 Million Dollar Movie on weekday afternoons between 3-5 before talk shows and earlier newscasts snuffed it out.) The comic left the stronger impression, written by Gerry Conway with art by George Perez (that pairing seem oddly familar, Rob?) and surprisingly complimentary inks by Klaus Janson. I most probably had #2 as well, since I distinctly remember his fight with the feral kids. Perez also “corrected” the film’s homogeneity by featuring non-white characters in his version, and it was a darker, more visceral take than the actual film.

    Logan’s Run was just barely in the top 20 grossing films of 1976, ahead of Network but behind Freaky Friday. The comic sold respectably, but was canceled because it turned out Marvel did not have the rights to produce material beyond the film adaptation, and MGM yanked the rights when they did so anyway. Given how strong the first run was, it’s a shame further adaptations have been from bottom of the barrel publishers like Adventure and Blue Water. There’s a good article on the “franchise” in Back Issue Magazine.

    Both the comic and the movie had an excellent premise, striking visuals, cool concepts and some swell sequences, but didn’t coalesce into a whole as great as its parts. I’d argue that’s due to dilution by lesser elements, a meandering plot, and diminishing returns as the story progresses toward a limp resolution. Bryan Singer tried to get a remake off the ground for years, and I could see him working with a better script (and maybe taking some cues from Perez’s superior interpretation of key sequences.)

    I saw In Time. No, it can’t.

  10. It never occurred to me that there could be confusion about Box. Box goes on and on about plankton and seaweed and was built to process that stuff as food. I was always under the impression that Box treated Logan, Jessica, and the other runners like plankton and seaweed because they were in “his” space, not because of a Soylent Green-type situation in the city.

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