Film & Water #97 – Train to Busan


Episode 97: TRAIN TO BUSAN

All aboard! Rob welcomes Brian Hall (MOVIEFILM PODCAST) to discuss Yeon Sang-Ho's 2016 South Korean zombie epic, TRAIN TO BUSAN!


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14 responses to “Film & Water #97 – Train to Busan

  1. Between the two of you, you pretty much made every point I might’ve. Like you, I’m only into horror when it’s got an intriguing twist or flavor.

    As you know, I’m a big fan of Asian cinema, and the Korean movie industry keeps coming out with slick, interesting stuff both on the serious end (The Handmaiden; recommended!) and the popcorn end (this; to name only 2016 films). More Korean recommendations? Okay…

    Oldboy, obviously
    I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK
    City of Violence
    The Front Line
    And one of my favorite movies of all time, Daytime Drinking

  2. I really liked this movie, but probably not as much as my cat, Zira, did. It was probably the erratic movements of the zombies, but she was seemingly hypnotized by this movie.

  3. I’m not a zombie guy at all. Don’t watch or read the Walking Dead, even though I’m from the same hometown as the creators. I saw plenty of Zombie flicks in my youth, but I do feel the genre is just about bled dry at this point.

    But then you guys come up with this film, and it intrigues me enough to consider giving it a go. I’m not a foreign film guy either. Siskoid is currently rolling his eyes, but I’m sorry, I just have a hard time getting into them. But again, this sounds like a really interesting take on the zombie sub-genre. Your discussion reminded me of Horror Express with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Telly Savalas, and I love that movie, so maybe I need to get on over to Netflix this weekend!

    Great discussion!!!


    1. I didn’t roll my eyes. I love you for who you are, Chris.

      Pretty sure this one can be enjoyed despite being in a language foreign to you. In fact, Rob watched it and enjoyed it without working subtitles! The protagonist has a little girl. You have a little girl. It’ll resonate. Like you, protagonist spends too much time podcasting and his daughter feels neglected.

      1. Ha! Nice one. I try not to neglect my kids with podcasts. Instead I neglect movies like this that aren’t in their wheelhouse, or not age-appropriate. The sacrifices we make for podcasting!


        1. As we mentioned, the movie is of course horror (zombies), but it really doesn’t revel in the gore, it really is just as much a drama.

          Zombies have, of course, been done to, er, death in the last few years, but I thought this movie had enough new things to say and do that it was worth talking about.

          Generally, I find foreign films hard to concentrate on when watching at home; it’s a much more pleasurable experience in the theater, where my focus is more, er, focused.

  4. You had me at “South Korean Zombie movie” in the episode description. Every South Korean film I’ve seen has been excellent and genre-twisting. The Host anyone?

    Anyone just got it from my library and it’s probably my fave film I’ve seen this year.

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