Film & Water #99 – Galaxy Quest


Episode 99: GALAXY QUEST

By Grabthar's hammer! Rob welcomes podcaster extraordinaire Crystal Beth (THE FIFTH ELEMINUTE) to discuss the 1999 sci-fi comedy GALAXY QUEST, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman!

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10 responses to “Film & Water #99 – Galaxy Quest

  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Star Trek, so when this movie came out I was kind of ambivalent. My wife is a Trek fan, though, so when it came out on video she bought a copy. This was at the time when my wife was in college and had to stay up half the night working on projects. I was working the night shift at the time so I’d stay up late and hang out with her. We were on a budget and didn’t have cable, so we’d just put on our movies we owned in a rotation as background noise, and Galaxy Quest was in the rotation. We watched it so much we could speak to each other in a kind of movie quote shorthand, so I have a tremendous fondness for it from those memories.

  2. Fun discussion! I love this film. I connected to it right out of the gate. I knew just enough Star Trek dirt (particularly from Shatner’s Trek Memories books) to really get that aspect of it, and then it managed to balance comedy and action better than just about any other film I can think of. And this movie has a tremendous heart to it as well. It is a love-letter to not only Star Trek but to the fandom around it, without taking any of it too seriously.

    I’m not a huge Tim Allen fan but I have enjoyed him in plenty of things over the years, mostly family fare with my kids. I can’t see someone like Baldwin in this, because I do think you need that everyman aspect Allen brings to everything he does. It’s a swaggering everyman, but it’s still relatable. I will also give Allen credit for never punching above his weight-class with any roles I’m aware of. He knows what his range is, and he sticks in it. Former action hero is probably about as far out as he can go, and he pulls it off here.

    Growing up I always liked Sigourney Weaver but never found her personally attractive…until this movie! And it wasn’t just the cleavage. I’m not usually a blonde guy, but WOW. And of course she’s great. Because she always is! But the clip you played where she freaks out over the “chompers”…that’s probably my favorite bit in the whole film, and really has a laugh at the ridiculousness of some of these shows.

    I think Rickman’s character was Nimoy in his “I Am Not Spock” phase. He got past it. I wonder if he was drafted by real aliens to fight for their freedom at some point too?

    The entire cast of this movie is just fantastic. I agree with Crystal (and Rob). For what this film aims to do, it is pretty much perfect.


  3. This is such a fun movie and it was fun listening to the talk about it! I’m not familiar with Beth’s work but I’m definitely going to check it out now.

    As for the film, I agree with Beth that Tim Allen was perfect for this part (which has happened to him a couple of times in his career, lucky bastard.) Sigourney Weaver and Allen Rickman are always impeccable in everything that praise almost feels like it’s automatic just by their involvement. I especially love Weaver’s insistence on doing her one job on the ship that even she knows is completely pointless, but she’s still going to do it. If that doesn’t sum up an actor desperately trying to be professional then I don’t know what does. This is probably my favorite Sam Rockwell part, because to be honest I’ve never gotten on board the Rockwell bandwagon that everybody else I know is on. I may hold too much of a grudge for how badly Zaphod Beeblebrox was butchered in the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie if I’m being honest. But for me Tony Shalhoub walks away with this movie. I saw this and The Siege fairly close together and was blown away by how perfectly he played two completely dissimilar roles. I especially love that his perma-stoned groove is something never remarked upon. That’s just how he is. Best line in the movie for me is his laid back “That was a hell of a thing.”

  4. This and the Toy Story films are about the best work from Tim Allen. He’s a slightly better actor than drug dealer.

    Other than that, great show, Robert! Yet another great guest! It’s one of my favorite Star Trek movies.

    1. I think the thing about Tim Allen is, he’s not so much an actor as he is a presence. You don’t hire him because he can act a part, you hire him because he is that part. See also David Hasselhoff and most of the people who regularly appear in Adam Sandler movies.

  5. Love this movie so much (like Chris, I loved it right from the first viewing) and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your discussion – and I can really relate to Crystal’s dream career of being a former cast member of some show that gains cult status so she can then go to all the cons free and participate in panel discussions. That would indeed be a good life…
    Also, Crystal is so right about Allen as being ideal for the Nesmith role.
    And yes, the rest of the cast killed it, too: Weaver, Rickman, Shalhoub (who almost steals the show), Rockwell, etc. I’m a bit surprised that neither of you mentioned Daryl Mitchell as the all-grown-up former child actor (whose character in the ‘original show’ is obviously a bit of a callback or even homage to Gary Coleman’s occasional appearances in the Buck Rogers TV series from the late ’70s).
    By the way, I think Rickman’s character in the show, Dr. Lazarus, is not simply a Spock analog, but rather an amalgam of Spock and Worf – hence the unusual cranial architecture and the martial rhetoric (by Grabthar’s Hammer, etc.).

      1. Actually, I think there was some Wesley Crusher in there, too. Another amalgam, I guess. Still, it really made me think of Coleman in Buck Rogers first, because a) the kid in the ‘original’ Galaxy Quest is definitely a pre-teen, and b) apparently some kind of genius, because he was the ship’s full-time pilot, not just an ‘acting ensign’ – Coleman’s character in Buck Rogers was a super-genius who was the president of some planet.

  6. Fun episode!

    Forgive me for being off topic here: I don’t do twitter but check out your feeds on occasion. I saw you mention Suddenly, Last Summer. Well, it’s on TCM on 6/23 & Spinal Tap airs on TCM on 6/21.

  7. Really great episode! I loved the perspective Crystal brought to the show. Definitely bring her back for another episode!

    And I’m one of those people that rates this movie within my favorite Star Trek films. In fact, this movie is higher on the list than some of the actual Star Trek movies (higher than STAR TREK V, and INSURRECTION, that’s for sure!).

    Re-watched this movie shortly after listening to your episode! Thanks for the reminder to watch it again! Love it!

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